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Bugs that got reported, but were never fixed nor listed as known bugs

Bugs that were reported, but never fixed.

Incorrect team displayed: When you switch out dragons right before entering the fight your team won’t be displayed correctly in the logs. In game since arena was introduced Arena Attacking Team Bug

Shellfire: When match is made with the ballista during cascade the ballista starts moving around. This is a visual bug as the ballista can still be dfeused by making matches next to or with the tile at its original place.

Foreverwing bug 1: Backfire damage numbers appear twice (you’ll see the same number, for example 4k appear 2 times, but in reality only 4k dmg is dealt)

Foreverwing bug 2: When making matches with the core tiles themselves (or using a special tile in same row/column) the core tile gets defused, but no backfire damage is dealt to the alpha . In game since May 15 2020 Bugged Shellfire spawning every other alpha

Dragon descriptions (Reported June 1 2020: Minor Bugs)

Easter Barf&Belch: “All Foes take 320% Damage For 4 Turns”, which needs to be changed to “All Foes take 320% Damage Over 4 Turns”.

Frostgnaw: “All Foes take 115% Damage For 4 Turns”, Which should be “All Foes take 115% Damage Over 4 Turns” instead

Warcry: “All Allies gain 20% Spirit”, but he doesn’t give spirit to himself so it should be “All Other Allies gain 20% Spirit” instead.

The Deafening Dawnbrawler: “All other Allies Generate + 28% Spirit”. It does not specify for how long this lasts.

Thicket Thunderbottom: “All other Allies Gain 20% Spirit for 0 Turns”, needs to change to “All other Allies Gain 20% Spirit”.

Fierce Thunderbottom: “All other Allies Gain 22% Spirit for 0 Turns”, needs to change to “All other Allies Gain 22% Spirit”.

Fafnir: “All Allies inflict + 25% Damage”, should be changed to “All Allies inflict 25% increased Damage for 4 Turns”

Slaggert: “All Allies inflict +28% Damage” For 5 Turns, should be changed to “All Allies inflict 28% Increased Damage for 4 Turns”

Are there any other bugs that have been in the game for a long time?


At the moment I don’t remember all contents of my “list of bugs” but… 1) Disconnections/Reconnections, “Eternal loads” and battle freezes >> major. 2) Clan has extra/ unknown members >> people who are not in your clan appear within, clan appears to have more people than the limit sometimes >> you can’t invite anyone in until you’ve refreshed enough times. Major. 3) Clans merging together. Imagine you exit your clan and visit another for a bit, or wanting to change clan and the moment you do… clan list shows of the previous clan and clan chat of current. Or clan chat of the previous clan and clanlist of the previous clan. It creates quite some confusion, refresh treats it, but if one isn’t a scholar of bugs, well. They don’t know in which clan they’re in! 4) Desync. There are too types, clan and account. Clan desync causes you to temporarily not be able to see the clan or just be thrown out of clan chat or Alpha, or people within the clan and ranklists appear as “New Name”. A minor form of this is booting an inactive out and their name appearing as NewName. All else are trouble and may need several refreshes to at least recede a little. Account desync is the most severe type of desync, as it causes people to lose their progress and needing their account to be recovered. And from what I’ve seen, with the 1.4 update this desync has been sighted a lot more (just see the posts in these forums). And it affects the worst those who don’t have their accounts linked to something. 5) Alpha eating energy. 6) Arena opponents not loading. 7) Duty or Alpha chest crashing the game and confiscating the hard-earned rewards. 8) Alpha ranklists not showing all the damage you dealt correctly. At all, twice, or not seeming to decide a change your score with another’s a few times until it settles. When scores don’t get register it’s done, and it’s like you didn’t hit. 9) Screen breaking into a million pieces, crashing down the game. I dunno why it happens but it’s connected to a message saying “Content has been updated, please refresh”. It breaks the screen and crashes it no matter what you’re doing. It has happened to me during battles too. Luckily not Alpha ones. (Game is ok after a refresh). 10) Foreverwing, bugged reshuffle. >> Board reshuffles before we run out of moves, killing dragons. 11) Sometimes Alphas can’t be stunned vus strong color. I’ve seen this on Violet, who is yes, weak. But when it would appear on stronger Alphas it could cause some chaos. 12) Dragon graphics and themes messed up. >> Minor bug 13) During dragon training, sometimes it glitches and it’s as the game isn’t counting the cards right. Usually it’s ok though, registers correctly in the background or while you load.

And other bugs.

I apologize if this is an eyesore, it’s not my organized list.
(I had been working on making a full documentation a bit before my computer became useless, and thus I stopped midway. I may pick it up later, somehow. I just get a feeling it won’t help anywhere because Ludia doesn’t seem to care, and quite frankly, she should have made a full documentation of all the bugs in existence - with permanent coding solutions. We try to document the bugs we find and she doesn’t at least fix permanently 60% of them.)

And I’m only adding to your list. With what I remember.

One thing though; the minor bugs you say that are wrong “for x turns” and to change to “over x turns”, I would put “within x turns”.


Feathering, that is a great list. The only thing I can add to it is still experiencing battle freezes in Quests as well. The frequency of that was why I mostly stopped playing, except for Alpha battles, because I like my clanmates enough to suffer through a one a week loss of energy in the Alpha Battle from freeze.

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