Bugs youve found so far

A thread for any bugs or glitches you’ve found this update.
Ill go first.

  1. Carno raid boss hitbox is too big
  2. Utahrinex swap in animation freezes the model when it swaps in

Also shouldn’t tryko have devouring rampage instead of strike

dilo’s Distracting Team Heal doesn’t heal team, only dilo

I see that as a lack of Ludia’s progress. We as the community should ask Ludia to give Tryko some good resistances (stun and deceleration) midway this month

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Game freezes or won’t load past 16. This is the worst it’s ever been.


500 legendary DNA to fuse a unique???

Won’t load just freezes


so I’m not sure if this is suppose to be normal or not, I assume not, but with scuto being replaced by ghost as the aviary epic excusive, scuto shouldn’t be in the minimum epic roster reward, instead being ghost right?

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Hi @Kathy_Niebruegge, If you haven’t already tried a restart of the game and your device, as well as an uninstall/reinstall of the game (only if you are not on a guest account) please do.

If neither work please write to support+alive@ludia.com with your support key so we can investigate further.

Thank you!

i was able to load in by dropping wifi and going off of data only, but once in the game, it is incredibly laggy. it makes the previous lag that the game had seem fast

Ankylos lux swap in ability when its hp isnt threatened doesn’t give you 100% shield for 2 attacks… only takes 50% damage

Nope, it said strike in the patch notes.


Like Kathy above, won’t load at start-up screen. Freezes at random progress numbers, 16, 17, 21/31 etc. Got through to the game news screen only once, but froze there. Have restarted/rebooted. Never tried this type of error before either.

No. It’s right

Hello there,
Thank you for sharing.
The team is already aware of this issue and will address it!

Thank you, @Snake_Dude,
We’ve reported it to the team!

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Tenonto was not buffed in its stats as hinted on the release note

They didnt say tenonto was getting a stat buff.

Read again…

please fix dilo’s Distracting Team Heal :frowning: It only targets lowest HP not whole team when it states it targets whole team