Bugs youve found so far

No. It’s right

Hello there,
Thank you for sharing.
The team is already aware of this issue and will address it!

Thank you, @Snake_Dude,
We’ve reported it to the team!

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Tenonto was not buffed in its stats as hinted on the release note

They didnt say tenonto was getting a stat buff.

Read again…

please fix dilo’s Distracting Team Heal :frowning: It only targets lowest HP not whole team when it states it targets whole team

Stats meaning its hp, damage and speed
Only the ability got changed

That’s exactly what the release notes said. No changes to the stats…

We know lol
That what the other guy said no buffs in it stats or did ya just post it for incase somebody says its stats was buffed :sweat_smile:

Hey @Chrono, If you haven’t already please send this info and your support key to support+alive@ludia.com so we can look into this.

Thank you!

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Is it suppose to only receive an 100% shield when swapped in when its threatened or not threatened…

The new skins say “Collect this skin in the Gigantic Pass” they are not there. And the ones that are actually on the Gigantic Pass say “Coming Soon!”

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Anyone else having issues jumping around the map? Coming out of a raid or strike tower, I’m showing up like 1-2 miles from home and then teleporting back. It could just be my new Wifi router that’s to blame but thought I’d check to see if anyone else is experiencing this?

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I’ve been trying to click on the badge strike to get the new badge… and map lag is not letting me click on it unfortunately

Oh nevermind I finally was able to tap on it when I stopped moving

Hi y’all, this is my first post on here, but ever since the update today I haven’t been able to play the game AT ALL! The game completely freezes right after the loading screen and refuses to unfreeze.

Anybody having this issue as well? Or does anyone have a solution? I’m playing on an IPhone 11 so I don’t think I have an outdated phone :frowning:

I’m having this same issue

Raid hitboxes have always been a problem, Posti, Imperato, Carno and Phorurex all have hitboxes that are too big


O dear

10 pirates