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Build your own monolorhino: poll

Step right up ladies and gentlemen; cast your votes and build your own, brand new unique Monolorhino

Results will posted in 24hours in a separate forum

  • Note- each will be based on parents, components, and similar niche dinos


  • 4,800
  • 4,740
  • 4,500
  • Stays the same

0 voters


  • 1,070
  • 1,150
  • 1,450
  • Stays the same

0 voters


  • 112
  • 126
  • 108
  • Stays the same

0 voters


  • 5%
  • 10%
  • 15%
  • 20%
  • stays the same

0 voters


  • Full
  • Partial
  • None

0 voters


Move #1:

  • Nullifying strike
  • Distracting strike
  • Decelerating strike
  • Definite strike
  • Defense shattering strike
  • stay the same

0 voters


  • Lethal wound
  • Defense shattering Imapct
  • Distracting Impact
  • Nullifying Impact
  • Definite Impact
  • stay the same

0 voters


  • Lethal wound
  • Defense shattering Impact
  • Decelerating impact
  • Nullifying impact
  • Distracting impact
  • Definite impact
  • stay the same

0 voters


  • Definite rampage
  • Distracting rampage
  • Nullifying rampage
  • Greater Stunning rampage
  • Decelerating rampage
  • Defense shattering rampage
  • Precise rampage
  • Rampage
  • stay the same

0 voters

P.s. @E.D, @Jason, @Sara or any one else show this to the team or devs cause this shows what we want from one of the hardest to make hybrids( well still is even with the month rewards considering you need 200 per pop) so just keep that in mind pls :blush:


Ps this is what ludia should have done with the survey am I right or am I wrong


Also try to help keep this at the top of the forums so other can have an chance to vote thxs

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Regarding the speed poll, isn’t Monolometrodon’s speed 125?

Regarding the armour poll, 15% and “stays the same” are the same.

Regarding the Move #1 poll, Distracting Strike is not a basic move, since it has a cooldown. The move Distraction has no cooldown, but that would be the same as “stay the same”.

Regarding the Move #2 poll, Lethal Wound and “stay the same” are the same.

Regarding the Move #3 poll, Distracting Impact and “stay the same” are the same.

Regarding my moveset choices, since Monolorhino was meant to be a sort of “Beginner’s Unique” I think it needs Distracting Impact to give it some survivability against the Thors and Allosinos one might face at that stage. It’d also help it maintain Monolometrodon’s “budget Magna” moveset.
Definite Impact and Lethal Wound make sense because Woolly Rhino has them, and I don’t think anyone had a problem when Ludia gave it those moves in the first place. A Unique bleeder with some actual bulk would be nice, and it could fill a similar role to Suchotator in some ways.
Definite Rampage on a creature that’s Immune to Distraction is apparently no longer an option as of last update (remember the reasoning behind Maxima and Indo G2 losing it?), and besides, we can’t have the rhino deal too much damage if they plan on making it easier to create in the future.

As for the basic move, speed control would be nice, especially against the raptors, but Distraction would give it some survivability against chompers and counter-attackers (think Purutaurus and Carnotarkus) while Nullifying strike also has it’s uses. This one is a tough choice.

I also think Precise Decelerating moves should be an option, since Precise Decelerating Strike as a basic attack has been confirmed. I think an Impact version could go well with the rhino’s playstyle.
Speed control is one of the things that sets the Woolly Rhino apart from Brontotherium and Elasmotherium after all, since they’re the tanks with no speed control, so it would be a bit weird if Brontolasmus got speed control and Monolorhino didn’t.

I also think it important that Monolorhino be faster than Brontolasmus, since we can’t have it lose to its easier-to-create counterpart.

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I thought you @'d me to vote in the poll :cry:


Lol for everyone :blush::yum:

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Lol thxs for comments and Ik I realized till much later that some are the same but I’ll count them together as for definite rampage the reason they took that from this two is cause they had high crit Chance (20-30%),
High attack(1,300-1,500) plus maxima could slow so there was no way to put run it. Rhino mean while from the looks of the poll will seem to be 126 speed which is good since it can’t slow so that balanced, plus with 1,150 attack it can do to much damage so having it go thru everything isn’t that big of a deal.
Also seem it’s health will be 4,800-4,500 o think 4.500 might win but also para has 4.800 health so why not this :joy:

Heads up everyone you have one more hour to cast your :ballot_box:

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Aaaand it let me vote on stats but not moves :confused:

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Fr? Okay I’ll open the moves again try again

But let’s be quick about it if not just tell me and I’ll add it as a vote

I casted my votes.

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Alright thxs for the votes now polls are closed