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Building line up from beginning

it was recommended to me, after restart of my game, made this threat.
I wanted to ask you, if you can help me with team(s) build up from beginning

  • I trying keep my old strategy (enough numerous back up and trying to keep balanced.

But also when it will be possible I wil start level up to max every single creature in game.

At a present I have two levels 20 from each type and 3 levels 10 from each type.
I thinking about to made levels 30 1x of each type (add them to the current team (not from of them), but I am not sure I have enogh food

  • Also even I am vip, i dont use vip prize tickets, until I will get legendary packs from events and want to save LP from first solid gold packs

Here is current line up

Thank you all


What happened to your original game?

As I admit to all, it was cheated acc.

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Don’t worry, we will help you. Just keep us informed on your Lineup progress and additions. You can do it!

I thinking, if I should get stuck for 6 weeks, under level 19, to unlock all common creatures, or go far and wait for a special unlocking week?

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I’d say try to stay back and “level-freeze” to make sure to unlock the crucial commons like Tuojiangosaurus. If you keep on pushing forward too quickly, battles WILL get harder, resulting in struggles in otherwise easily winnable matchups.

…No, Tuojiangosaurus cannot be unlocked as of now. The only unlockable ones are the Battle Stage creatures and the Utahraptor, Bonitasaura, Labyrinthodontia and Hatzegopteryx.

I was level 25 with almost nothing when I returned to this game in January. I had the TH unlocked though, with T-Rex and a few other legendaries unlocked somehow. I have no idea how lol. I played this game waay back and to my surprise my account was still there because I logged in via FB.

In just 1.5 months I was able to reach Dominator in Tournaments. I was VIP for most of the time. 1 month and the free 7 day VIP trial. So that sped up everything insanely. Mainly just keep playing the ticket drops. Thats like confirmed 1 VIP, 1 Tourney every week and more if you are lucky. Keep buying SG packs as and when you have the LP. Complete every event everyday and try to level up as quickly as possible to 60. These are what I did.

And in no time I was getting Dom runs secured. The VIP creatures just help you out so much man, the CD they have are unbelievable and they are free of cost and hatch quick. They are the key for early game. Forget about having anything else. Just rush through these stages and you wont look back.

Dont do that, play the wheel and reach Diamond fidelity every week. I can’t stress enough on it.

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To be honest i always must use to buck to reach diamond wheel even with all 7 day vip ticket and now i am not able to get enough a LP For every day + to much buck to use on that, not yet

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No you dont have to use bucks to reach diamond wheel.

Buy all of 1st and 4th everyday. (11 ticket in first and 10 of 4th every day)
Then buy 20 tickets from the 2nd when it is available for DNA and buy 3 more when it has DNA again. So basically you need to buy 23 tickets from the 2nd one when its purchasable with DNA spread over 2 days.

Do all the events, including the VIP events (the golden rewards give 650 which when doubled is 1300). LP was never an issue for me. I used to buy 2/3 SG packs every week even after buying all the LP wheel tickets everyday. Do your double spin PvPs too, I got lucky with the LP from it a lot of time. (7 PvPs a day give you double rewards). Oh and I forgot to mention, do a lot of Modded PvP too. Just pray that you land on Spinoraptors/Rajastejas/Diplotators. They helped me out a lot too and I didnt even have to spend DNA on buying them.

DNA, Isnt problem to grind for me, well now on the start maybe, but no later in game.

You had legendaries unlocked because you say you played waay back and back 2015-2018 was pre reshuffle

Yep, for some reason Ludia made game harder for news one

I dont think so, those unlocked legendaries didnt help me much. I just earned my copies of T-Rex, Ichthyostega and Pteranodons through events. Didnt spend any DNA trying to buy em off market even though I had em unlocked.

As someone who has rushed to lvl 50 in less than a month, and has a weaker lineup than some lvl 40 players here, I can say that I didn’t notice much difficulty increase which my line up couldn’t handle, with exception of one very annoying golden rewards event, all were very easy

What was noticeable was that my coin production wasn’t good enough to pay for my pve matches as their cost steeply increased at lvl 30 and 40, so I think it is safe to rush to lvl 50 for trade harbour provided your lineup is catching up at a reasonable pace

Guys, when I shlould update my food facility to level 3? (Avaiable from park level 15), I mean how much coins shoud I get from my dinos to still get enough coin for activate food + pve event + eventually park expansion, when I will need it? Because I just reached level 15 and I dont think, is wise, do that now.

Yeah food might become a issue later on when you don´t have the trade harbor to get food trade
I think you should upgrade it

You should upgrade it, because food becomes cheaper as you upgrade the food harbour

Activating the lvl 5 harbour 5 times and lvl 6 harbour 2 times gives the same amount of food but lvl 6 harbour does it faster and cheaper

If I could make a request, as you go through the Story Missions, please post them for us. Apparently, Ludia has reworked some of them. Thanks.

As for Coins, get those decorations around those high producers. You may have temporary coin-flow issues, but they will be short-term


A couple other tips,

Like said above, coin production becomes important. It was rather liberating when I got to a point that my park produces coins fast enough that every “coins for x” is an option. Being able to max out your coins every three hours is nice.

Given that, look at which dinos produce coins at rates that meet your frequency of play time. Add decorations to make them more profitable.

Look ahead to what hybrids are valuable (coins, badges for the beacon, that give you stronger dinos with those you have unlocked) and focus on those creatures in filling out the ranks.

Enjoy the progression. I don’t have a powerful army of dinos, just a massive one. I’ve gone the quantity vs quality route, and have no complaints.