Buildings bug

Hey Ludia can you please fix this bug to buy multipie buildings without going to store again? It is been days the bug hasnt fixed it

I do not think that it is a bug. It is a feature that they already removed weeks ago in one of the former updates. I don’t know why.


Well thatis sucks…

I’m not entirely sure why it was removed, but I personally prefer the game without it. The multiple build feature always felt sloppy and annoying to me. I never needed or wanted something like this and almost never build the same thing twice in a row.

In retrospect, it wasn’t in the game very long either (maybe 6 months or so) and it’s very likely Ludia felt like it wasn’t benefitting the game so they dropped it.

Also in case you weren’t aware, here’s the place for posting this potential bugs or glitches:


I understand, I too never felt the need to build more than one building or decoration in a row. But as a matter of fact I used this feature very extensive to buy dozens of Apatosaurus fossils or other precious decorations that I put in the store afterwards. That way I’m always prepared for a trade offer.


Yup, same here. And I do often build a whole bunch of buildings to fulfill mission requirements as well (lot easier to collect x number of coins from 10 ACUs vs. just 1 and the cost is minimal to buy them just for the mission). I just don’t see what benefit there was to changing it.

I haven’t stockpiled the Hammond statue before… that gives good trade offers too?

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@Carnage_Akemi1 - couldn’t hurt to repost this in the Help category to see if you get any response. We’ll certainly chime in there in support of putting this back the way it was before.

It depends, as always. I can’t remember getting a good offer for the Hammond statue in the last two weeks, but it can wait.

Okay, good to know. I have noticed that if I keep a lot of the fossil, I get pretty regular trade offers for 900K or so food, so I always make sure I have a lot of them stockpiled. Sometimes she will offer something else, DBs, LPs, but food is her favorite thing for it, and as much as I’m hatching stuff out right now, I’m always needing more food.

I recently stocked up on several dozen Hammond Statues because my Park is very cluttered so it was much easier to accumulate than the Apatosaurus Fossils, however the trade value (for me) was significantly less for the Statues than it was for the Fossils. I’d say if you want to maximize the trade offers and you can swing the Fossils you’re better off doing that.

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Maybe they should add a feature have a +/- symbol and you can choose how many you want to build instead of buying individual amounts