Built in spoof


I posted this in a different thread, but figured I’d post as a stand alone for visibility.

If they build in a spoof they can track it and manage it themselves. It would reduce the amount of people looking for a 3rd party app to spoof, as it would be unnecessary. They can then manage how the game operates while using the in game “spoof”.


  1. Limit movement speed to a run. While allowing users to play from the safety of their home/disabled players, they would be restricted in how quickly they can “travel” in game.

  2. Limit range. Limiting range would mean players, again, can play from home, but would not be able to have the run of the city. Range limits can be adjustable by Ludia based on how far from concentrated areas the person lives. Essentially giving people access to X amount of drops. If one lives out in the boonies, their range would be larger so it would encompass X drops. If someone lives in an apartment downtown, their range would then be smaller. It would give people equal access to X drops.

Ultimately, building in mechanics like this would reduce the desire to cheat as it would be unnecessary, while at the same time increasing playerbase by making the game more accessable

I’m going to add more to it here:

Games that are fair do better than those that are not.
3rd party spoofing is not fair.
Having a job in an office right next to a green drop is also not fair.
My above solution would reduce the unfairness to both of those, while not removing the benefit of going out.

To all the self righteous “tired of hearing spoofed excuses, blah blah blah…” save it. You’re missing the point.


I don’t like the speed limit. A lot of times, I’m a passenger on a train, bus or a car. These are great opportunity to play the game at my own leisure. But the warning and the map not loading dinosaurs or supply posts. I end up sitting there listening to music.
Those are my only complaints.


Is there a speed limit like in PoGo? When I’m a passenger in a car or bus, the game still allows me to spin supply drops and catch dinosaurs perfectly fine.


So the speed limit I’m talking about would be directly related to the built in spoof. If a person turns the built in spoof on, the speed limit would kick in, that way they cant just jump quickly from location to location. They would need to “walk” or “run” in the spoof.

It would in no way affect the game while not in “spoof” mode.


I think it only seems logical to create this as it may even bring in players who didn’t play PoGo for that reason.


in theory, that’s all a good idea, especially with speed/range restrictions as it would help the disabled people, but retsrict cheaters.

from a development side though, who knows what it would take to implement that into the game.


My thoughts are: “it’s a computer program, it can be done!”

Considering apps to spoof are already created, cant imagine it would be too difficult to incorporate. I dont know the slightest about programming, I just know they can do crazy stuff and this doesn’t seem too far fetched :wink:


everything can be done. but cost/benefit analysis has the final say if it will be done.

who knows. they might have to redesign the whole app, or other things that could cost a lot of money.
not only would they have to implement it, but they’d have to make sure people couldn’t hack it too and make spoofing even more widespread.


True that. I think that would be a huge benefit actually, if the spoof I built in, they would have complete control over how it works and would likely be far easier to detect hacks


Speed limit isn’t a good idea, you can’t play in car, bus, metro,train ect… spoofing isn’t allowed, that it!


I think you totally missed the point of the OP Lian, try rereading it


Just came up with an idea on the fly in another thread as an example, but what about a Jurassic World Jeep that you collect gas for at Supply Drops? Collect litres of gas, fill up tanks, max 5 tanks allowed at once, each tank is worth a kilometre? Something like that?


Not a bad idea poxinabox!


I see you’re point with the speed limit and you could only go from where you are at the moment and if it is a 10 MPH there is no way you are going from California to New York in 1 minute!

One problem for me is “I can’t spoof 55” Sammy Hagar reference joke!


Expanding on the idea: VIP players get a 6th tank, because VIP really does need more perks to make it worthwhile.

Also means you must still walk to stops to collect the gas in the first place and gas does NOT come out of incubators, so special events are more important than ever since you get 2x the chances at gas at the green ones. That way I still need to to the bare minimum on my hobble to work, but then when I’m at home I can actually “drive” around while letting my busted knee have a little rest. People without disabilities can now drive the Jeep at night, or early in the morning while having breakfast, and effectively cover more ground at times when they wouldn’t normally be walking or cycling any way.

Still nowhere enough mobility to spoof like in those private groups and teleport across continents for rare spawns, which is good, but more to do for those of us who are mild-to-majorly disabled and even those of us whose days are simply done and we don’t have the energy (or environmental resistance) to go out again.

Definitely needs refinement, but I could get behind that.


It’s fine the way it is, there doesn’t need to be limited spoofing. Just don’t spoof, everyone else manages it.


I am sure this game will surpass Pokémon Go in playerbase, popularity and profit if they choose to be the first game with build in spoof.

  1. You are able to control your drone to move with in 3-5 km around you. You can call back your drone if you start moving in a car or Merton. No teleporting.
  2. You are safe to play the game in the night or rainy day.
  3. Chilling with friends in one place, relax and play the game. Move on when you are done.
  4. No more looking at your hand phone when you are walking, it is dangerous anytime anywhere.
  5. Dress up n rush out just to get a dino near your house, but it disappears when you about to reach. This is stupid, not fun.

Now the whole p2w system makes more sense. Less people cheating, Ludia can focus on hackers instead of spoofers.
Make your own AR rules, don’t just follow what exists.


This isn’t really spoofing more like a joystick to move your strike zone around. If spoofing works the way everyone says it does you can literally jump across the world in seconds and that is a total advantage but think about this the next time a epic you really want spawns just out of your reach and by the time you get there it’s gone!

That happens to me many times! I don’t think the OP wants genuine location spoofing just being able to move around in your own area and could also have a range limitation

They could also implement dinosaur hunting only no supply drops


Oh man, I completely flew through the text, my bad… :sweat_smile:


Realistically you could just turn off the part that prohibits GPS Joystick or one of those from working but instead allow it to work for “a fee”.