Bumpy: Evolutions and Stats

Hello again, all of my Jurassic friends— Hope everyone’s doing great…

Here are Bumpy’s evolutions:

Here are Bumpy’s statistics at Levels: 10/20/30/40:

Last but not least, here’s Bumpy maxed out in photo mode:

What do you guys think of Bumpy?? I do like the uniqueness of this new “creature,” even though we already have plenty of Ankylosaurus’ in JWTG. The glowing effects at higher evolutions are a nice artistic touch.

Did you win Bumpy? Is it what you thought it would be?


Evolution 2 to 4 are same. no changing

I believe it’s not supposed to.


More smoke

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I’m pretty disappointed with how it looks. Not with design but color and lighting. I understand it is a night time enclosure but it does not showcase the dinosaur very well at all.

Would you display a gorgeous exotic sports car in a poorly lit show room that doesn’t accentuate any of it’s finer details and craftsmanship?

Also random thought after D1 sped up it’s hatch and we looked at it in it’s cage… we just put Bumpy in a cage… it’s kinda sad. Should have the run of the place to roam free as it wishes.


Nice attention to the detail there. :clap:t2: We could’ve had a open field as the backgrounds we see in the code reds, when we try to contain a creature back from the nature.

Would be much more appropriate.

And I didn’t quite get why our lovely Bumpy turns into a sparkling water as she evolves? A “Sprite” logo on her armor would be right on point.

Looks good I know but doesn’t make much sense.

Btw giving the name of a well known brand was a violation? :thinking: Was not as far as I remember from the other threads where useful devices were talked about as topic.