Bumpy Tournament 01/28/2022 - 01/31/2022

So bumpy is the tournament. I’m so excited for it! will there be a new animation? will it be a baby? can we use it in battle :rofl:?



Imagine if it’s just a baby and common stats lol

It does say “something adorable” so it may even be a baby


then we can use it in battle :laughing:


Great, Bumpy Comes, my old account is dead…



Why is is gone?

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Will this be one of those posts that was to soon and because of that also incorrect, or will it be proven to be correct? Only time will tell.


Well if its not bumpy then what do you think it is huh?

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If it is Bumpy, will it be usable


what other use do you think would it have?

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I am not sure, I will wait until there is more information to make a decision on. It might be Bumpy, but then again it might not. The thread was created with certainty when that currently doesn’t exist is my point.

You could have said “Possible Bumpy tournament”. However when I saw the post I thought what did I miss, where was it stated what the tournament was for this weekend? But then I realized the post is not confirmed and is premature. It might be right but currently it is not possible to say that you are correct as of this post.

It’s just a personal preference when certainty is not possible you should qualify your statements as such.


If it is not Bumpy I think it is a green ankylosaur from the colour scheme


If you mean in battle, in JWA it is.

If the new creature is Bumpy then it’ll probably similarly be usable in battle. But JWA’s Bumpy is adult form so :eyes:


Ok then, you should have said that in the start​:neutral_face::expressionless:

This is something that has been done many times already. The speculation for Purrussaurus is a good example. @Sionsith was merely trying to inform you about your mistake…


I think Bumpy lvl 1 to lvl 30 Baby animation and lvl 31 to 40 Looks Adult Bumpy Max Level.

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No way Bumpy is coming out in the game! Is this a dream?! If it is, please wake me up!


I think the upcoming tournament is Bumpy. She is in the loading screen. All creatures that were in all of the past loading screens are in the game.

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I adore Bumby as much as you all, but the thing is, our game has not many options in terms of implementation. We have species of all kinds, that’s for sure but we don’t have variety of the same species other than the Gen2s. So this will be a ground breaking addition to the game if it will be “another” Ankylosaurus with different stats, skin or animation. So it’s so very natural to ask “What use will it have?”, see?

Personally I cannot give a straight answer to that question.

And I would also like to share my words here onto a matter. I’m not on one’s side and I’ll never be, but it is “still” not 100% certain that we are having a Bumpy Tournament inspite of we have every possible hints and clues as we see here on the banner. But Chris is one of the forum users who has the upmost direct attributes when it comes to share their thoughts and knowledge on a topic. So he does, he can’t see any “official” reveal yet, not here, not on any other social media and rightfully avoids from a misdirection.

Sharing an estimation or wish is one thing, showing it as it was certain is sadly another. I’m not seeking for any bad intentions here or someone to blame or anything else related, besides now I’m strongly thinking it will be our adorable asymmetric horned Bumpy, all I’m saying is it’s not official yet. And in which way we’re having it is still uncertain. :v:t2:

P.S. The new title is much more appropriate. I’m a bit late to the talk, sorry about that.


Ludia just confirmed it via their Twitter account


Unless Ludia has a plot twist it is a 100% Bumpy. Perfectly coincided with my Lunar New Year holidays :partying_face: