Bumpy! Who else got it?

Must be my lucky day! :raised_hands:t2: Did anyone else pull a lucky draw?


I got 16_ tsintao and 23_ velosrachos dna, bummed I didn’t get compy, dodo, or bumpy but I’m fine with what I got, both bound to get hybrids and I don’t have to waste much dna for burnt anakins hybrid


I got also got bumpy



Damn it i got more dodo dna!!!

that’s a bad thing?..

Well no but i WANTED BUMPY!!!

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well you’ll have a chance to get it on friday so I wouldn’t worry, and that dodo dna can go towards a hybrid so yeah

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Allright I’ll go with that

Nope. Imma have to watch to get it on Friday unless if I can’t find it.


I will have all week to have to chance to get bumpy

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I got 20 Bumpy DNA

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so where did you guys find BUMPY .?.

did you use a scent to attract it or did it suddenly appear on your game maps and also where in a park or normal game area .?.

Its event exclusive, and everyone most likely got it in today’s 24hr epic incubator strike and some may have been able to get some of her dna from that epic strike and/or the 18hr gold incubator strike

Good point Snake_dude. Or you can farm the DNA from level 20 sanctuaries too if you are not lucky enough to get the DNA from the strike towers. Get your CoOps to add this to your sancs.

WIth 7 bumpy beauties and two more coming soon, plus a bumpy farm in progress. Can’t wait to unlock this new dino soon!

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I received the DNA from the Epic Strike tower.

All I got was ovilophosaurus! :worried:

Will bumpy hybrids be “bumpceratasaurus” or just anky variants?

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I feel like it will be like the raptor squad and just apply the name as a regular anky


Lucky. All I got was 37 dna from the strike tower.