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Jurassic World Alive just got Bumpy
Why not us too? Give us Bumpy as a tournament creature
I’d fight for that



JWA has had individual dinosaurs like blue, echo etc but JWTG doesn’t, honestly such individual dinosaurs will be wierd in the game because unlike alive we can have multiple copies of the same creature.


i agree with @Kiarash_Bahar. I do want bumps


You are correct but they should add maybe a bumpy enclosure on the other side of the island and make it maybe harvest bucks or dna or lp?

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I want toro!!!

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Easy fix, have Anky Gen 2 and have that look like Bumpy

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I want toro as VIP and Bumpy as VIP !!!

Absolutely! Yesterday when I saw Update 2.7 (Alive) release notes and saw the Compsognathus addition with the flock feature, I was legitimately a little sad that JWTG doesn’t have this yet.

If anyone remembers, Park Builder’s little dinosaurs had their special attack in such a way that they attack the enemy three creatures at a time. I was really wondering why this came to JWA earlier, seeing as JWTG is literally and figuratively a remake of Park Builder.

Also, if JWTG had the capacity to add a lot of newer features and additions, [personal opinions ahead] why not just have added these new things like flocking dinos? Ah wait no, they saw the Forum and were amazed at how people were erupting in glee getting the Playable Boss feature.


agreed JurassicFury this should’ve been added to the game earlier, although Ludia does focus on JWA more than JWTG


I was about to offer that, could be a nice detail. But I don’t think they will. Alive has more liveliness in it as it can be seen even from the title. We need to agree that our game is dull, theirs is not. Also if I am not wrong Alive was released several years after our game did, so it is still developing while ours is (may accept or not) coming to an end. (Closing in China strengthens this estimation.) As a late beginner, I am not a big fan of this situation but yeah, it is what it is. :expressionless:


To the most part I support your post statements but I don’t think that The Game is coming to an end as such… We’re not short of new creatures or features, problem is we’re getting an abnormally huge number of bugs. As much as we hate them, the Playable Boss features were such a new addition to The Game that we didn’t even think that there was capacity to add such a major feature.

They’re not putting enough love into The Game for sure, but @Keith did mention in 2020 itself that there was also a roadmap of The Game for this year. It’s not dying, it’s being killed… If you know what I mean. Park Builder was dying, Ludia didn’t add anything new to it. It was just rotting day by day until the last minute when the switch was pulled, but in The Game we’re still getting new stuff. Only issue is that for one new feature we get three new bugs in the same package.


but, I want Bumpy and Toro in the game !!! :sob:

Yeah I am on the same page with you, yet you deal with the words much MUCH better than me Ani. :slight_smile: By saying that, was not pointing out a sooner date but maybe in several years like 2-3 or maybe a bit more, I don’t know. And also I do not want that of course, having it shut down without unlocking some endgame content would be a pure devastation for me as a late starter. But at the same time, I REALLY don’t know where the necessities of this game will reach while they add tones of new data implementation and basically do nothing about the already been there bugs or the ones appear with every and each addition, update etc.


I thought i was late when i started two years ago
It’s never too late. You never know what’s going to happen
You’ll get your Indoraptor :grinning:

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I hope so. :v::pensive: