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Bundle for sale is missing?

There was a great priced bundle for sale that is now missing from the store? I was about to purchase it. Can someone explain where it went?

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It got pulled.

no idea. i was just about to buy it too.



It says 2days 22hrs left to purchase it. Why would they remove it? Ludia please put it back.


I think we are owed a detailed explanation as to what happened. Communication from the top is in order.

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I guess it was too good a price. They needed to make it 50 bucks or something. I was gonna bite and get it too.

I still see it.

I bet if you close the app & reopen it would be gone. Probably would give you an error if you tried to order it too.

I ain’t paying $50 for it if it comes back on the market. no way in heck am i buying into that bait and switch.

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I just bought it, no error.

There is no way Ludia would do that. No company on earth would sell something to most people for $20 one day then when they see how popular it is, pull it, and then re-list it for $50 later that week.

That would be unethical and considered price gauging which is illegal most places.

I’m not a lawyer but on the internet anyone can be, so I think we could sue Ludia for that.


I’ll buy it if it comes back and they reset the purchase limit.
Even at $50 it’s not to shabby, but I have a bad feeling it wont let me buy another two.

@Ned Any idea why some can purchase the inc and others can’t see it anymore?


I was able to purchase before it left :wink:


I was about to buy the bundle as well. If they don’t bring the bundle back that would be so unreasonable and dumb. So many people would buy that including me. Please bring it back Ludia.

I’ve heard of multiple players that usually don’t buy anything with real money that were willing to purchase that deal. I think overall, they would actually gain more profit if they offered more deals like that. Something can be said for microtransactions and offers that tempt even the f2p players.


Cant agree more here. Game needs more microtransactions for sure!

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I agree with this completely.

I have never purchased anything in game. I went to grab my wallet to purchase for the 1st time and when I got back I had to restart my game and the bundle was missing.

Ludia literally lost a paying customer because of this. Instead I bought pokecoins in pokemon go.


i haven’t bought anything in a long time. that was the first deal i had a difficult time saying no to.

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