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Bundle for sale is missing?

If the game doesn’t bring the bundle back it’ll lose a lot of paying customers and won’t make profit.

At the very least ludia should make this a flash one day only sale, its not fair if some people were able to get it and others weren’t. Just make it today only ludia, you’ll make a decent profit and make your player base happy.

We would be happy.

Heck, they could advertise it for $20, then charge you $50 for it and say “well, you didn’t reboot the game”… cuz that’s the precedent at this point.

Got pulled because the company doesn’t have very good proof-readers (i.e., didn’t post the correct price). We’ve seen that multiple times with the weekly event calendars featuring the wrong creature/picture combo and not to mention the leak of the epic dino that we’re just now starting to see on the map and will have a chance to beat on Friday.

But I think they should have left this bundle cause it’s not fair that others got it and some of us didn’t when we were trying to buy it.

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I tried to click on it and it wouldn’t let me once I saw it, so I thought I had to just restart. After that, it was gone. :frowning:

Just wanted to buy two of them as well. It’s not fair that other could buy it and some not… please put it back for the same price!

I’m still wondering what the explanation is. It’s pretty messed up considering that I was actually going to get it.

I bet they‘re busy looking for that practicant and after they fired him we will get a lousy excuse.

There was an issue discovered with the bundle and it had to be removed from the store. It will not make a re-appearance. We do apologize for the inconvenience!

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I haven’t bought a bundle in a long, long time, but I was tempted by that one. I guess I should thank Ludia for removing the temptation before I had a chance to cave. :stuck_out_tongue: I will absolutely not buy it if it comes back at a higher price.

Edit: Haha, “an issue.” Yeah, we all know it was too good for the price.


That’s really disappointing. There were so many people willing to buy it, and some who already did.


Me, Too! By the time I got the money added to Google play, I couldn’t find it again! So disappointing! I don’t usually buy incubators either…but this was too good to pass up.


If so many people were considering jumping on this one (or did jump on it) when they normally don’t buy bundles, perhaps that’s a sign that the usual prices are too high and people do not perceive the resources as being worth that much.


I guess the issue is the price which was supposed to be 50$


It wouldn’t be considered an “inconvenience” but more so unfair. I’m confused, wouldn’t they want more profit here? Many good points have been brought up by the community but they will still not bring it back. Very disappointing.


Can u be more specific?

The “issue” was that it was too good of a deal. Lol.


I’m disappointed with Ludia. It’s not fair that some were able to buy this bundle and others were unable to because it was pulled. If and when it comes out, I’m not going to buy the bundle knowing it’ll be twice the price while others were able to get it at a better deal. It looks bad to pull something from the store and suddenly be like, oops sorry! That was a mistake. Usually, when a company makes a mistake, they own up to it! You’re just sweeping it under the rug and pretending it never happened.

To those who bought the bundle, it’s not their fault because it was offered in the store and should of just stayed there.