Bundle Prices

I just came across the new bundles being advertised and I have got to say, there are some very, very poor choices being made here.

I used to buy some of the bundles, early on. Smaller ones that made sense and were a good deal (I’m kind of a sucker for a good deal…) But it isn’t as if I havn’t noticed the prices becoming ridiculously steep for little to no actual value.

Stormcutter Sell Off: 29.99 USD
2* Purple scales x10, 1* Purple scales x20, 50k fish, 3 sheep, and one Gloomleer.

Boneknapper Buy In: 29.99 USD
2* Blue scales x10, 1* Blue scales x20, 50k fish, 3 sheep, and one Skullcrown.

Bonestormer Breeding Pack: 49.99 USD
4k Runes, 100k fish, 100k gold, one Gloomleer and one Skullcrown.

This isn’t far along after a very painful advertisement for a 69.99 bundle (no, I will never let this go.). And don’t think I don’t also notice the sly way of getting consumers used to the price of 15.99 USD for 3 sheep with those constant sales was so that it would soften the blow and help them think the rest of these additions must be a steal.

I know these sales are planned beforehand, I know that this is just poor timing. But guys, this is really poor timing. Please react to the feedback here. If you had to have this sale because of the release of the new species, the prices should not have been the stock prices.

The prices need an overall overhaul in general on the majority of these bundles. There should not be 20 USD and up crowding the market for a game that, at its roots, is aimed towards a younger consumer base. It’s just poor business management.

Yes, there are plenty of older people playing this game. But you cannot rely on whales or those willing to shell out every now and again for 30 bucks on a mobile game riddled with bugs to the point of being unplayable.

I’m just…really trying, here. You’ve got to give me something to work with.


Oh, so the prices were really absurd to begin with…and here I thought it was because of my currency, plus it’s not even worth paying 30 bucks when you can get most stuff by just breeding. Not that it matters anymore, I quit the game today.


Yeah, that’s why I wanted to be clear about which currency I used for these prices. I already saw someone mention the Flight Club cost them 16 AUS a month. Even at the current conversion rate, that doesn’t add up.

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