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Burning thorough DNA super fast

So I’m progressing well thanks to everyone’s tips. Food had definitely become less of limiting factor since I’ve upgraded the harbour and thanks to a park tlc, coins are the least of my worry. However yesterday I fused superanotitan (by accident since I wasn’t really paying attention) and since it’s better than spinoraptor I thought I might as well just buy it and get it to level 11. But buying it reduced me to the point where I couldn’t even buy a trike. I managed to get back up to 2k thanks to the DNA event but since I need more rajasaurs to get it to level 40 that basically burnt everything out again. I see lots of people on here with 20k DNA and I’m wondering how I can stockpile so much DNA whilst using it to buy expensive hybrids.

Any tips are welcome (I’m considering buying VIP for the DNA station but want to see if that’s worth it)

you can trade high end decorations like the apatosaurus fossil for dna and sometime if you’re lucky the game will let you trade it for up to 500 bucks. the boss fight coming up will let you grind up to 20k dna usually if you complete everything, quite possible more. The VIP is very worth it it has changed a lot since you last played but you still have to wait the upgrade it

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IM Elusive YT , the Bosses give you only 18k-19k DNA with over half of it coming from Damage dealing missions.

Great. I’ll try and buy a few of those apatosaurus fossils and I’ll invest in vip. Since this boss is cenazoic I’m guessing you can only use cenazoic creatures right?

chances are you can use jurassics too but i dont know i havent done a cenezoic boss before

I get about 20k DNA weekly , it is easy to stack,all you have to do is do not spend your DNA too much,keep John hammond Statues/Apatosaurus fossils in the inventory , you will get DNA trades for them all week.

Also would selling left over commons and rares help?

Yes,but I recommend to not sell unwanted,but sell excess.

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Yeah that’s what I meant, just worded it wrong, thanks

Okay,I get it, it might change the meaning when you make a grammatical error though, but yeah,I got the point!

Being a VIP helps DNA income MASSIVELY.

The DNA building takes around a year to max out, but once there its 2,400dna a day, 16,800 a week.

Where the VIP really helps is Dino income. You simply get more dinos in your market from the prize drops and VIP events. If you make it to the Diamond prize level on the prize drop, you will have a common, super rare, tournament, and VIP creature a week to hatch, and usually a half dozen other Dinos, plus the extra from the events.

This translates to your hatchery being full, less to buy, and more DNA savings.

I’m not buying these, but that one screen shot is months of hatchery time or tens of thousands of dino bucks in speed ups. I’m almost down to 300 dinos in my market. The lowest level is legendary. I need another 40% off hatchery day.


How do you stack that stuff,I would trade those aquatics for LP in instants,I just traded a Hauffiosaurus today for 650 LP in custom trade

Who says I don’t trade them off? :slightly_smiling_face:. They just come in so quickly.

I’ve been playing for almost two years. Being a patient person I just accumulate things.


Biggest tip: Don’t spend them

So just rely more on pulling stuff from packs then?

Instead of “get 1500, spend it on a Stegosaurus” save it up for an expensie dino. Don’t spend DNA on something that is unnecessary. Save it up for important things.


I wouldn’t sell anything. Max your paddocks out. Once in a while I might take a good trade for a creature I haven’t hatched yet but that’s all.

Only purchase creatures when they are offered at a discount, and if you can wait for the best discounts it will naturally force you to only spend DNA 1 or 2 times a week.


Last time i spent DNA was on yesterday’s discount and today I am back to 10,000 . I had 1000 yesterday night.

I’m doing a ton of coins->dino trades. (Lots of 7 day guys with ceno trades)

I’m spending very little DNA as my hatchery is always full with those trades.

After that, I try to grind PvP modded for dinos.

I try to only spend my DNA on hybrids the game won’t give me for free.

Spend DNA on what you NEED. Let the game give you the rest. Than spend DNA on what the game doesn’t give you.

I did spend a bit of DNA on common hybrids that have high coin rates to put this plan into effect.

Edit: I should add that this really only works in late early to mid game. Once you get solid dino line ups, you won’t want all of the Legendary dinos you’ll get from these trades. They’ll end up as trade fodder for DNA or LP. (They get less food or DB than AP fossils.)