Burnout Losses

Post update 2.17, our Alliance lost another longtime member, a player in the 5800+ PVP trophy range. These players aren’t leaving for different alliances, they are LEAVING THE GAME. The one who left today, said they’ve been wanting to leave the game for a while.

That speaks volumes!! Players have invested so much into this game that it is HARD to pull the plug on all that investment of time and money. Ludia and Jam City are certainly aware of this metric and are seeing how far they can exploit it.

These exiting players joined a long list of other long-time Alliance members in leaving JWA behind. These are players who used to enjoy the game but are burning out due to the current pace of power creep.

This greedy pace is going to catch up with Ludia and Jam City. Players are burning out of this game and leaving for less exploitative options. When it all crumbles, I hope I’m still around to watch it happen.

I’ll miss these friends! I won’t miss Ludia or Jam City. I will also NEVER play another game in the future that either of these two are affiliated with.

Are there any other Alliances experiencing similar losses the last few months?


I left a long while ago because I had a team of dinos at around level 25, and it was taking ages for me to make any progress in becoming more powerful. Progression became far too slow for me. I’m also a collector, and I got everything short of apexes & uniques that needed dinosaurs I only had at level 11.

I’m back & having more fun now that there are so many new dinos to collect and DNA is handed out more abundantly.

I’m not too bothered by the existence of new powerhouses. I’m more bothered that it can sometimes take months to get one, and even longer to catch it up with the rest of your team.

I personally think the process of building an Apex is kinda ridiculous. Yeah, they’re tough, but literal months of doing the same raid faithfully every week? And even if I were a paying player, $100 for 40 DNA? I sympathize for those who fund this game


Except it won’t. That’s their plan. Milk this game for cash quickly, and if it dies it dies. They are using a cash cow system, and it’s extremely disgusting but effective.


At the moment, I’m a bit burnt out. With the new release, the repetitive cycle has started over. I’m a bit unenthused this time around. I can tell that even my alliance, without them saying a word have not been into it lately by the numbers on the weekly missions. I just don’t feel like PvP play and I can see most are not into it either. I don’t know what it is.


For me it’s the exclusives… and look at the forum is easy to figure out. Updates used to be full of new things to dart new hybrids to build and that generates a lot of excitement from the players.

Now it just feels like the update hits and we just wait… for an event so we can unlock the new components. If we’re lucky we might even get a few levels before we fip… and like for me personally I didn’t get into this game so I could fip an assortment of Dino’s for months so I could unlock the flavor of the month three months ago.


Look at the front page of the forums look at the threads at the top right now…

Used to be an update hit and that’s all we talked about… day after an update half the community has gone back to their creation threads the other have complaining about pvp balance…

Outside of the release notes and bug threads you got a thread on rinex and a thread on microraptors speed.

Might be the smallest reaction I’ve ever seen a game community of any kind make.


Well, when you can’t create the new creatures because they are all exclusive and you can’t change your team because your boosts are locked… At least, there are less bugs than usual with this release.


Lags still just as bad or worse. I have an iPhone 11 and I’m starting to notice it nowadays.


The thing that bugs me most is how years and years of grinding, having maxed out the common/ rare / epic DNA a new update drops and there’s not a single creature you can fuse…… what good is 500k of dna if all I can do with it is donate a couple of hundred if it’s requested.


I’ve seen so many high-level players quit the game in the last few months, it’s been so sad to watch, but considering the pace is becoming more and more unrealistic for the average human being to keep up, I don’t blame people for quitting.

I think the fact that we are post-Covid lockdowns also adds to the number of people leaving the game. People are working normal hours now, or are working again in general, so it’s not surprising the game has taken a back seat to real-life :heart:

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That is such a great point! Everyone started this game to dart Dino’s in the wild.

“T-Rex doesn’t want to be fed, it wants to HUNT.” -Dr. Grant

Same with the community, Ludia! We want to hunt, not feed exclusive Dino’s in sanctuaries.

That repetitive cycle where no matter how hard you work, you get just about to where you were before they hit you with the next update? I understand.

I’m falling further and further behind. I’m 400 trophies behind where I was 6 months ago, despite grinding harder than ever to combat the power creep.