Bushfires in Australia donation event

I was thinking that maybe for a day or 2, for every Incubator opened or battle fought would result in Ludia donating a dollar or 2 to help firefighters and the people in Australia. Or maybe for a week, anything bought (Darts, Incubators, Scents, etc) will go straight to a donation. Maybe if you buy something during that week, you get a special package for helping Australia along with whatever purchased. Australia needs all the help it can get.


Fantastic idea!

@Ned @Ludia_Developers


I like your enthusiasm. But…

Maybe they will offer more boosts for us to buy!

You’re asking for a bit too much with Ludia’s background.

Ludia needs all the help it can get.

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Love the idea. Did a quick search to see if Ludia has ever donated to a charity and could not find anything. Doesn’t mean they haven’t, just means there is no PR around it (which is unlike Ludia).

Would be a worthwhile cause for sure! After all the Ludia mantra is CREATING GAMES THAT TOUCH PEOPLE’S LIVES. I know they have touched my wallet a few times, not sure about my life.


Has there ever been anything charity related in this game? I don’t recall anything like this ever happening before. There were some nasty fires in California not too long ago that no one benefited from…

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As an Aussie who lives a few dozen km from the fires in NSW I support this, so many people have lost their homes and lives of firefighters lost.

Came a bit too close for comfort myself a while back on the day of the first ever issuing of a Catastrophic Level danger warning for Sydney.


i heard that wombats are ushering animals into their burrows for safety. any truth to that?

Not sure, but so many Koala have had to be rescued after climbing to the top of trees to flee the fire and getting trapped.

i’ve seen the images of the burns on koalas. not pretty.
I hope the country gets some relief soon.

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The day the fires were closest to me the shopping centre bus tunnel I was In had to be evacuated coz it was filling with smoke and ppl were gagging.

Unfortunately we had to go wait at the nearby stop, which was outside in the smoke directly, so I dont really know how they helped by doing that =/

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No. I don’t think giving back to the community is part of Ludia’s charter. In looking at their releases it doesn’t seem like it is in their DNA.

Nothing against Ludia for not donating though honestly. Plenty of big companies in California did not even donate to relief funds after the fires here.

Be careful out there @Stiffeno. It all sounds and looks horrendous.

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We have had a little reprieve lately with some rain, but it’s not really getting to the places that really need it.

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And having been through something similar (though not to your scale) here in California I know rain can bring it’s own set of problems after a fire.

Oh yeah, like fire trucks getting bogged down in mud and getting trapped for instance!

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If at least half of the purchase went to helping Australia, I’d spend the money.


Nice clothes dryer stiffmeister…lol

We do have an actual dryer but when you live in a hot country it’s cheaper to just hang them on the line lol

Since it’s ludia, more likely they sell $50 bundles in the store and donate like $15 to the fires. Even if it was a generous company, 1 battle/incubator for $1 sounds like way too much, they’d go bankrupt very quickly.

President Pyroraptor
Cost:50 cash
Precise Pounce
Cautious strike
Instant invincibility
Description: before lord Lythronax this dinosaur was at the top of the food chain. It’s attack is so strong that it could destroy bones with a single strike. President pyroraptor has hyper intelligence to help shield from certain death. Speed so fast that it traveled forward in time to see it’s future generations fail to wreak havoc. After taking Australia it is up to the DPG to stop it. You can use any dinosaur at level 26 as you please. All money spent will be used to help the bush fires in Australia.

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Like it. (at least it isn’t immune.)
I’d take it on all day.

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