Bushfires in Australia donation event

Just so people know how devastating the fires are in Australia i have included a picture showing the full fury at which these fires are raging across the country, over 1.25 Billion animals, livestock ( cattle, sheep, etc ) the death toll amongst the local KOALA population is staggering to say the least so far there have been numerous reports Australia wide that KOALA’S have died in their thousands.!. yes that is correct thousands of KOALA’s have died along ( koala death toll is currently estimated at over 20,000 plus animals ) with well over 300,000 Kangaroos, in actual fact the death toll of the local livestock and wildlife has been put at a staggering 1.25 Billion or more dead during the raging fires across the country. Even more devastating is that some local species of flora ( flowers, plants etc ) have been totally wiped out and will never be seen again they are now classified as * EXTINCT * permanently.!. ( gone for good and never returning ) :sob: :sob:
Along with the death toll on animals wildlife there has also been a sickening loss of life with some 29 lives reported lost, to make it even more saddening across Australia well over 12 Million plus acres of land was burned to ash, it was also reported that over 2,600 homes / houses were also burned to the ground.!. In South Australia in a location know as Kangaroo Island an entire species of a rare Kangaroo were wiped out completely and are now on the extinct species list.
But what is angering locals in Australia is that some of the volunteer firefighters have actually been caught lighting some of theses fires.!. ( 183 volunteer fire fighters so far have been caught red handed ( caught lighting the fires ) all of these people have been charged and are awaiting court dates where they will be formally sentenced to possibly many years jail for their crimes, some will be even charged with manslaughter due to the deaths they caused when lighting these fires in the first place, but these charges may be later upgraded to murder depending on the outcome of the coroners reports at a later date.!. :scream: :rage: :scream:

raging inferno pic 1

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It’s incredibly sad, I and no idea about fire fighter setting fires, like why? What good will it bring you?

Controlled burns are a thing, and they can help. Let’s all wait for facts before we hit each other with feelings, please.

Please refer to Back Burning in the article.


Yep backburning is done as a way to burn off sections of fire hazard foliage bit by bit, that way when an out of control fire occurs it doesnt have anything to burn, as its already been burned off.

However a tragedy has occured here in Australia, some American firefighters who were here helping to fight the fires were lost when their water bombing plane went down =(.

My thoughts are with them and their families.

Really wish this fire season would end, dont recall it ever being as bad in the 33 years I’ve been alive.


I hope you’re doing alright over there. I wouldn’t wait it out, get out if you can. My thoughts are with the lost and there families to such a fast spreading fire, devastating. <3