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Ludia do this… Ludia do that … I think Ludia know how to make money; I don’t get their business decisions sometimes and personally think some are at odds with common sense but I don’t have access to their figures. Guess they know what they are doing. Constructive comments get taken on board … maybe not immediately but they do listen … structure your argument, make a case but put the toys back in the pram and act like adults …

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You’ve been very vocally for this tournament, both in comments and now in your own post. Look at Bethesda, EA, Activision, other big-name companies that have pissed off their playerbase and suffer for it both critically and financially.

Gamers do not like investing time and money into a game that continues to go in the opposite direction of progress. There is no need for a tournament this soon. Results will be largely the same, matchmaking will be a mess, and lower tier players will ignore the event altogether because global resets will have them facing people way above their natural trophy count.

You’re a madman for even considering that back-to-back tournaments would be either fun or beneficial considering the current sentiment towards tournaments. So please, why don’t YOU tell ME why something like that should happen.


So Ludia are deliberately destroying their own game … make sense, not … or maybe the 0.01% that vocalise on here are a drop in the ocean. Want to change things … write articles for metahub … do something positive …

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And I’ll give you EA have totally screwed things up

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Write articles for metahub….lol ok :thinking:


@Hersh did … is he any more than a guy playing the game … well he does have a cute dog …


I liked @Heather 's article better:grinning:


I think tournament is just a way ludia wants players to invest coins and level up the dinos. When we are out of coins, they will introduce new dinos and nerf the dinos we invested. Then we will have to buy coins and bucks again. Ludia may think this is a wise way to make money but eventually people will get tired of this and hate what they do. Respect the players, communicate, fix the game problems, should really be Ludia’s priorities.


Hey … I’m not picking sides there

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I just look at tournaments as getting free stuff. I know the more hardcore players probably want other things fixed first. I’ll just be happy with my 500 Erlick and whatever else I win with it


Ludia have already destroyed a game. Jurassic World: The Game was wildly successful, likely lead to them funding this. However, just about everything in that game is tied to VIP and decent rewards in their tournaments are only given to the top 1% of players.

Today that game might make money, but it is a waste of time. A quick visit to the subreddit shows that the community posts are mostly composed of people offering different rates for a hacking service to give them epic dinosaurs, bucks, DNA, VIP points, etc.

TheGamingBeaver is the only promiment content creator who still gives that game any light of day. But the hacks continue and Ludia doesn’t care because this is their new cash grab, and it will suffer the same fate if we keep being “ok” with the way we’ve been treated as of late.


come on @PQC…lol you liked @Heather article too…lol


Shush … she hears … everything


@Hersh no offense…your article was good too. But I prefer raja and dioraj……although I have mega and raja at level 20 still but have thousands of dna for both so could change my mind


I liked hers better too! I’m glad you’re reading :wink:

The whole point is to share ideas and start a discussion… as long as that happens, I’m happy

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yeah, I’m glad they taught us to read here in Canada…lol


You have books ??? In Canada ??? :smiley:


Books???We gotz google man…lol

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I said it in another post and I’ll say it again here.

The reward table used to be colorful, but this one is black and white. Can you believe it?!?! Apparently, Ludia didn’t even bother or care about making a decent announcement, or show a little bit of enthusiasm, and what else can we expect from them?


Can’t argue with this…
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