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Busted "Advice"

We all know the standard tips given as we wait for a match. This example being one. My first screeshot will be of beating a player way higher than me. And I won 20. Sure, he lost 40, but that’s not what the 2nd implies should happen. I also have the timestamp of when I took the screenshot since I missed the +20 part. Ludia can verify their new plan is messed up no matter the intention. Remove the friendly “advice” or fix the trophy calcs PLEASE!

They’re actually about to change it:

That’s neat, I hope they also plan to remove the “tip” as well. I’m not mad or complaining about whatever they’re trying to do. It’s the false advertising they’re too lazy to change whatever whichever way it goes

I hope, even though hope and Ludia rarely go together, that this is temporary. 30 30 is better, but the way the system is supposed to work is better than 30 30. Its beyond me why its so hard to read which team was stronger and apply the appropriate 40 or 20. 30 30 makes it easier to drop and harder to climb I think.