But I'm already in bed!


I did my final “just in case there’s something interesting nearby” check before logging out for the night (other people do that too, right?) and there, just beyond the line, was an epic flier. :woman_facepalming:

You bet I went out to get her, pjs and everything :laughing:


Congrats on the epic appearance! I have also gotten out in the middle of the night for dinos, including raptors! Gotta save them all :laughing:


Nothing interesting spawns near me much but it physically and spiritually hurts when it’s midnight and a rare/epic I need spawns out of reach…


I’ve had the rares disappearing on me right as I get in range this week. I’m about ready to give up on this game. I love my dinos but the issues with this game will drive you insane.


I’ve gone out late to grab a T-Rex before. I would do it for Sinoceratops too if they spawned around here.


Round my house all I got was einosaurus, tarbosaurus and a few other types. Afew months ago , all I got was a few rare appearances. Now thay happen each day :nerd_face::nerd_face:


Just had a Brachiosaurus spawn right outside of the 200m radius. Yup, went out there in my pjs too! :rofl:


Had a brachiosaurus spawn as I was brushing my teeth this morning after my 2nd of 3 12 hour shifts. Ignored it and got into bed. Checked just before I closed my eyes and brachiosaurus was gone but t-Rex showed up. Got up, threw a robe on and drove to get her lol. Also woke up halfway through the day and checked again and nabbed another Rex inside the 150 radius.


I had a trex the other day when i woke up early, it was pouring rain so naturally i went and darted it.
Yesterday there was a pteranodon just out of range, but i still haven’t leveled mine up so didnt bother


I did 2 days ago, was 12:40 AM and i need to get up by 6AM to get ready to work. Did a quick scan found 2 spinosaurus(rare) outside one on the east and the other on the west. Change to proper shorts and sprint out. I got the east spino but the west spino despawned before i could get there half way. Oh well.


This happened to me but when I got to it, the dam thing disappeared a second before I could send my drone out.


Kind of glad it’s not just me :joy:


I frequently see Epic rarities at night when I’m in bed but just a fraction of an inch over my drone radius. I swear the game does it purpose.


There was this one time when I woke up around 3am. Being a bad sleeper I thought sure let’s check on the incubators. As soon as I opened the app, a Monolophosaurus spawned right next to me.:star_struck: