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But it Gets Even Worse

Look at the Leaderboard in the Top 100 at teams you don’t recognize. Many average level 25 and level 26. Look at those in the 400s. Many are level 23 to level 25. I even saw a team averaging level 21.

That means the ones who grabbed Boosts when available are still going to get 20-60% stronger as they level up.

The Top 500 is dead for those who didn’t get in on the action.


What team is avg level 21 and in top 100? I don’t have time to look through them all but that sounds like something I’d like to see.

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It’s mostly match making. What used to stop level 26 getting up the leaderboard was lvl 27 28 29 30. They can now side step them.

It was players who thought they wanted team based matchmaking.

Boosts only effect players who match up. I was at 5416 trophies yesterday the teams aren’t that boosted. Mine has 5 purchased boosts I don’t think 2500hc is much at all. Its having a level 26 team that really helps.

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Yeah match making is so broken right now I think this would be an issue without boosts.

Like the above post states… higher level teams that should be a natural road block are passed over in match making because they are deemed to high a level… as more lower level teams break 5k it will get worse.

This is going to create 2 top brackets… 1 that includes the level 27-30 teams and 1 that requires everything else. As the 27-29 get pushed down the ladder by the 30 teams lower level teams are taken their spots but those teams dont have to fight the 27-30 teams till something like 6k… meanwhile those lower high levels can be beaten all the way down to 4299.

Ludia literally found a way to make their old match making system worse for certain teams.

At the very least it should take win-loss ratings into some consideration or boosts for that matter but the only thing this algorithm seems to care about is match even levels.


You are right but you should think that the “error in the purchase” the only thing that has done is anticipate the problem that would have occurred later. Any player who could legally buy two packages (health and strength) or three (plus speed) each day, after a few months would have a team equal to what you comment. Therefore, only those who spend 1000 or 1500 tickets every day (about 250 dollars a month) could be able to maintain the position they had before version 1.7 thanks to their effort and previous purchases.

The problem has not been the “error in the purchase”, the problem is the existence of the boosts or, at least, of such powerful boosts (if the strength and health increases were of 2% with a maximum of 20 and the speed of 0.5 points with a maximum of 5, could have been reasonable).

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They should just stop the PvP battles for a while until they fixed the battle issues (matchmaking, use of boosts). Just give it a breath. In the meantime, give players the option to battle AI with the option to choose 2 or 3 different levels of difficult – same as with the strike towers. Just avoid this situation of endless complaining and incomprehension we are currently in, and fix things. If it takes one or two weeks, so be it.

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They most certainly should not stop PvP.

Everything in this game is for PvP.

Why do you hunt? To get stronger Dino’s to fight.

Why do strike towers? Because it gives coins and dna. To what end? Stronger Dino’s to fight of course.

If you take away PvP there isn’t much point in any thing else

And you can say your only a collector who wants every dino but that only really applies if you get them and bench them in thier boxes.

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Dude, I never said they should take away PvP forgood. I suggest to do this only as a temporary measure to fix things in the meantime. It would stop this complaining state of mind the game is currently in.

And no, I am not a collector. Pls don’t draw your conclusions that fast.

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Even for a short time it’s not good.
I never said you were a collector.

PvP is optional. And most times and days really the only thing to do in the game. You can only dart and spin so much before your mind shuts down

OK fair enough. An option that adds battling AI as an alternative to the PvP battles would also be cool. Not after 30 secs, but straight from the start. If it has no effect to Trophies thats fine for me. I like battling - even PvP - but not in the current state of the game. It could also give players the freedom to experiment with different dino’s without getting smashed.


Yes remove the 30 second delay so I have the option to fight AI instantly, I don’t care if they don’t award trophies (as they shouldn’t since its PvE) that way we can actually earn incubators and do daily missions without being subjected to stupidity boosted teams until boosts are fixed!

Its not fun losing 30 straight matches to get one 15m incubator (which always seems to be the case im finding).
I mean even if you get a head 2 - 0 (which I did today) they just bring out speed and damage boosted Thor as their 3rd dinosaur and sweep you, which happened as it one shotted my dinosaurs!


Memento, the level 21 average team was in the high 400s.

nothing will stop the complaining state of mind.

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Many players would be ecstatic to have an AI option implemented immediately with no delay. It would be a great temporary option.


Would be a great permanent option as well.

Something like this might even have me debating on resubbing to VIP. :slight_smile:


I’m going to try battling with no dinos over level 27 and at least one 19 to see what happens when I lose and will update.

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@Kodiakhunter1, nothing will happen… Just before I gave up, I was battling in the tournament and had dinos as low as level 1 on my team… At one point, I accidentally pressed the arena button and ended up fighting in Aviary against a team of level 23 uniques… Lost 3-2, but was close… Still there was a huge level difference between my and my opponent’s team…

I hope they get things fixed so you and those before you consider coming back. Risking losing more when I’m down close to 500 since 1.7 started probably isn’t worth it anyway.

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Perfect example of how match making is broken… im at 4800… get paired with a guy at 4400… beat guy 3-1 cause his 24-25 dinos cant stop my boosted 22 tryo. Match making says that hard fought victory was worth 50 trophies cause the guy had an overleveled monolemetrodon on his team.

In no world does it make sense for someone to lose 50 trophie to someone thats 400 trophies higher then you and in the next arena. I shouldnt be gaining trophies in avairy because im beating people in ruins.

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So in finishing my daily inc i went 2-3 i ended up gaining 30 trophies… 50+32 for the two wins… 10+10+32 for the three loses…

Having a losing record but a positve trophy gain defeats the whole purpose of a trophy system.