But... Tuoramoloch?


Then, Paramoloch wouldn’t be a good idea, but, what about Tuoramoloch? Which are her powers?
Tell me she has something like superiority strike or istant charge.
(You know, with all this not required supply of Stiggy DNA from incubators, I could cry).


I think this page will give you all the basic info you’re looking for :slight_smile:


Tuoramoloch is unfortunately a pretty useless unique. No instant strike, no swap in power, no armor, no distracting… just a counter attack, which does not make up for any of that. It needs a buff, big time.


Anything locked into a 1x attack first round is at a huge disadvantage in the arena might have uses in strike events


I guess ludia forgot to put in a swap-in stun when nerfing its attack by 400 in v1.3.