But wait there is more!

  1. unable to claim alliance rewards, freezes game entirely when trying to click on one. Only able to unlock one reward

  2. game freezes after darting

  3. battle button does not work for arena or strike events

  4. game totally crashes if anything is done.

  5. Nothing on the map

  6. unable to launch drone

Will update if I find anymore bugs.


Add this one: the nothing on the map glitch after doing something is back again
Add this one: unable to launch drone, just like battles in strike events (specifically on the unique dinos. still at 0/3 attempts cause of this)


that one was still in game before the update

It’s much more common now.

I know, it happens WAY more now than it did before though

I had this one for a while where I launch the game but can’t interact with the map this i have to relaunch it to get it to work.

So we’ve found new bugs, but has anyone found any of the fixes that were supposed to have happened?

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New? Existing bugs that have been plaguing this game since they launched :joy::joy::joy: the 400 “bug fixes” were probably typos.

I just had the “freeze of all freezes” after opening a supply drop! I couldn’t even get out of the game. Nothing on the cell phone worked. I had to turn it off, lol


And the battle sequences are all out of synch. It’s like playing in glitchy, slow, stop-motion sequences. I can even almost hear the Old School modem/fax sound in the background too…

Also not liking the critter reworks (can’t call them Dino’s any longer since the Dino’s are all dying off in the game). Not balanced.

Well, they did seem to fix the friend request at least :slight_smile:

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That has happened to me a lot

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