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But, why?


Who at Ludia thought we would be motivated to fight for small amounts of a global rare? Even number 1 only gets like 30k… Kelenken doesn’t even have a unique

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I was also dissapointed, but then I realised that in 1.15 Grylenken may get an unique so Kelenken’s DNA will be important


I mean, Kelenken is cool I guess, Grylenken should get a unique.

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i’m happy it’s not something for the annoying OP/ overused creatures running around.
Keleken is a nice break from all the Blue we’ve been getting
I got 2200 Blue from last season. I’m sitting on over 6k of it waiting to level my indo g2.

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I love that we get Kelenken this month. It’s one of my level 30 goals for non-hybrid tournaments.

They use indo g2. Get em

you mean this one? she’s not even boosted.

I was lididng

Kidding***** lol

Aw man, another dino that I have over 10k of lying around… I don’t seem to be having much luck with the last hybrids I need to unlock.