But why?

First, they came for the goodbye threads and we did nothing…

Then, they came for the stupid gif responses to goodbye threads and we did nothing…

Getting bored and uninterested

Why? Because Ludia!

Peanut butter is kinda offensive to Canadians.
You should have known better honestly.
How did you think that was going to go?

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Forums are getting a little toasty. Let’s turn a fan on to cool off! :smiley:


Oh wait…


I don’t get it? In what way is peanut butter offensive to them? I actually really like it, as a kid I used to eat it on a spoon lol

Edit: also used to eat BUTTER on a spoon when I was little. Now just the thought makes me feel ill

I wish they’d lock down every thread that showed that stupid sponge bob guy playing the violin… oh wait - that’s the whole forum.

Wish management and the developers had as much foresight as the mods, maybe boosts would have never been a thing! :triumph:


I am very likely wrong, was just taking a wild guess on the censorship.
I got nothing and well… I know they freak out when you make fun of their ham… I mean bacon, so I figured it would be plausible that maybe Canadians don’t like people putting sad faces in their peanut butter.

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