"But you could have won?!"

Have you ever had a battle and just thought… Why did you do that?

One recent battle I had, for instance. 2/2. I had Thor at 3/4 health. They had two dinosaurs left - a Thor (faster than mine but at half health) and an Erlidom (full health). They brought out Erlidom. Dreaded the 50/50 chance I thought was coming, but they used Rampage without using cloak first? Even with a crit, Thor survived and chomped Erlidom into oblivion.
I’m just confused - why not risk cloak? Why not risk Thor and hope that the 60% for mine not to crit works?

Anyone else had any of these “why” moments?


Against an Allosino back in Lockdown. I thought for sure since i had 2-0 I was gonna win but no, it swept me so hard.

The chances are that they had used cloak successfully in their last match and figured a 50/50 would work against them this time .
Their Thora could have let them down too , so they chose the best option in their judgement . A guaranteed 2x damage with the possibility of a crit .
And yes , I constantly do things in matches and look back and wonder how I was so daft !

Because Erlidom cloak works on swap in/first move about ten percent of the time, especially against Thor.

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:joy: All. The. Time!!

But the same thing happens All. The. Time. where I do a stupid move when I could have just done the final take-down and think

“Why did I do that?!”

It works both ways (for me anyway!) :joy::joy:


you ever just give the tryko the match because you out think yourself and the opponent just goes for the attacks lol.


but in this cause it was all put up to rng either way.

I open with procertimimis, they open with Bendy. I chose nullifying strike to get in some early damage. They open with Instant distraction…

Yes I have.
It’s usually a mistake on my part though and I go “NOOOOOO!” as soon as I click the wrong move. I do not battle well with ANY distractions. LOL

The Erlidom would have needed to dodge twice depending on whether the Thor crit or how high it’s damage is -The impact then the instant charge.

That being said they still should have checked to see if rampage was enough, then when seen it wasn’t, only then risk cloak as at that point they don’t have a choice.