Buy a TRex for $70 :(


I guess it makes sense as a company to do this, if people are willing to pay it, why not take their money? If it was a more reasonable price I might be tempted. Seems kinda sad though, the best dino in the game should be earned.


I especially won’t buy such incubs exactly because of that reason; i’d rather earn it then buy it. Thats exactly the purpose of the game; to catch them all!

Other then that thanks god for random dino teams and one dino doesn’t win it all (or you’re just playing pretty bad or getting outleveled) so i guess it isn’t a huge issue really.


It’s the principle of the thing. The baddest dino in the game shouldn’t be up for sale.


I would pay 20 bucks but not more…
70 dollar is a lot of money


$70 is what we pay for a Triple A game. JWA is fun - or was before they drastically reduced the supply drops and dino spawn points - but I’m not going to spend that kind of money on a single dinosaur in a phone game that is just for battles.


Extremely disappointed as I’m not paying lots of money to play any game. $20 is too much, and $70? Are they out of their minds? This makes me want to give up and delete the game, just like I did PoGo when i started to have to pay for things, don’t get greedy or you’ll loose players who have lots of time to play, but limited funds. Thanks for listening.


Right!? Optionally charging money for all that time and effort they spent building the game… what are they thinking.

Too bad we don’t have a way to play the game without spending money…


Hi everyone I’m brand new to the game and reading through everything to try to figure it out(I also have a 15 year old son who is playing as well and he loves it). Can you not put the Dino’s that you have received out of an incubator into your team? Or am I just missing something.


You can; the dinosaurs from incubators are not ‘instant’ dinosaurs. Its only DNA; once you have a certain amount of DNA you can create or evolve a certain dinosaur to a paeticular level.

This incubator gave 500x straight trex DNA; so you knew what you were getting + random incubator DNA. So with that 500 DNA you were able to both create and evole a trex. Once you create a dinosaur you can put it in your team; evolve it to make it stronger (stat-wise)!


Thank you so much! I was lost,still scratching my head some but it’s a lot less than I was, so thank you so very much. I’m slowly catching on and am excited to be here on with others learning.


I think the Raptors are the best dino’s in the game.


I might be missing something but I can’t find this, can someone point out where to look?


TomRaines that was some promotion while game was in beta


Thanks, I think that redeems the slightly.
If it was only to gain funds and offer a early deal when it was wip is that such a bad thing?


When was that offer anyone can buy that not just VIP but its not worth . Too expensive


Of course they have the right to charge money, and of course they should. The point is that $70 is WAY too much!


im sad, i love jurassik park, but this games who offers a pay to win system is soo bad :frowning: of course we can get the dinos for free, but only to get rekt by some rich kid :frowning:

idk why they dont go for the cosmetic system, they can add thousands of diferent dinos cammos and charge for it, and a vip sistem is ok too…


Imo the P2W factor in this game is pretty fair. Sure certain players will open their wallet and buy incubators but the good thing is those will most likely end up in high rank where nobody but other P2W players are bothered with them. So no casual will have to deal with these really. Im arena 6 without buying additional incubators and even the AI is pretty hardcore, even when going outside on a regular basis.

Eventually it is about how you play your game: do you buy yourself to end-game (no efford, only paying; you dont play the game?) or do you play yourself to end-game (basically playing the game and catching dinosaurs; thats the game lol). I mean; having loads of legendaries is cool but whats the point killing and recking anyone without a challenge with bought incubators when casuals are nowhere near this point; ‘the challengers’? Right, there isn’t.

Its just a matter of time before players catch up really; give it a couple of months. Dinosaurs do have a max. Level so you can only go that high. More dinosaurs will be released again, more dinosaurs to catch,… Its an endless circle really.


I’ve got a Trex and I’ve never
Spent a penny on this game …so far


Didn’t use a penny, got my T-Rex and leveled it up once in about one and a half week.

T-Rex isn’t really strong so far, very low speed.

I’m not opposed into spending in this game, but right now, nothing is valuable enough to purchase. Also waiting to see a change in gold gain. Not sure the game is possible to enjoy when your dinos will be 15+ due to evolving fees.