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Buy it


Post some screenshots if u did.
It’s me!
I didnt buy it, but it’s me on dah front!
Also, I’m on the front!
Oh, and that’s me on the premium incubator!


Dont buy it because its him on the front :grin:


70 bucks for a chance at the most common epic in the game… not so worthwhile. The only thing the makes this incubator worth considering is the rares in it.


Just because it has a dino on the front doesnt mean it’s me :expressionless:.
It could be Gorgosuchus, Postimetrodon, Concavenator, Rajasaurus, Grypo, etc.
Its dinos that have self increasing abilites.


Thats why i said a chance at…raja is the only other epic really worth anything though… neither of them are worth 70 bucks though. I dont even think if you got all the guranteed rares in irritator it would be worth the buy in for it.


Could be worse my premium incus are 10k cash lol