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Buy left Carnotaurs with buck?

I just started to max rare hybrids, but I still cant made Pachyceratops and Carnoraptor, I am afraid about rare rarity rumble event, it will be hard without any strong carnivore. Should I buy last three missing carnotaur for buck? Also I love carnoraptor.

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If you mean Pyroraptor, then I would recommend it. It seems absurd spending so much on rare creatures but believe me, Pyroraptor makes a damn awesome superhybrid in the long run.

If Carnotaurus, then nope. It’s in the unlock rotation.


Carnotarus is in the rare unlock rotation so you can unlock it in the next rare unlock week, so not a good choice in the long term.

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level 65 no unlocking carnotaur but have already level 40 pyroraptor

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level 65 no unlocking carnoraur, but have already level 40 pyroraptor…

I would still recommend against purchasing Carnotaurus with Bucks. Each copy costs if I remember correct 1,750 DBs three of which redact 5,250 bucks. Isn’t worth it when you can wait for a rare unlock week, and instead of 5K bucks spend around 2,000 DNA instead. I would advice you to wait this one out.


what do you mean by “wait for a week?”

Sorry, wrote the post while half paying attention to something else :flushed:

Edited it now, meant rare unlock week…


I got both pyroraptor and carntaurus to the max without unlocking. Took about 2 months.

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