Buy/Sell items

After playing for a week or so, i have never seen a piece of gear it suggests i sell that is not equipped on one of my characters. Also it has gear upgrades for gear i dont use anymore. Seems backwards to me.

I never sell. I buy as much as I can. Upgrading old gear helps you level.

I sell 99% of the time. Unless it’s an epic or the odd rare I use.

In challenge grinds if the value of the gear will be well more than the gold or gems I take the gear even if I won’t use it.

When you only have a few or a gear it only offers to let you sell 1-3, but as I’ve accumulated more now I’m selling like 10-15 sometimes of commons. So each sale is like 50-75 gold.

Selling all this helps fuel other upgrades, and keeping over 40,000 gold on hand if a good legendary is offered to sale for me again. (It’s been a while, but it happens).

I buy any commons that will give me instant equipment level up. Most rares. All epics and legendary. Sell nothing.

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Trust me, before long you end up with way more gear than you have gold to upgrade.

You need to sell some for gold as you get deeper in game.