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Buying Arena Energy with Runes? Really Ludia?

So you can buy energy for runes? Is this a joke? That’s just p2w. Usually whales in other games allow you to get better teams, but making it to leaderboards is usually skill and team power. But this is just buying your way into the leaderboards. Absolutely ridiculous. Why didn’t you make the arena similar to JWA where you win with skill and rosters? And not straight up P2W. Really doesn’t bode well for the future of this game.


I basically agree. A lot pay 2 win!!

Why not making it similar to Alpha charges - only special offers? Or a limited amount of purchases per season?


Typically p2w in order for you to get into top 200 leaderboard, and the most spent will got his/her champion on the board.

Seems it is impossible for you to get into the board without spending single cent.

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