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Buying Different Skin for dinosaurs

I really want to have different Skin for each dinosaurs. If you want the same comment a reply this message
Would you buy a different Skin for your favorite dinosaur?


New skins would be something I’d spend some HC on and maybe some a little real cash if they were a fair price.

Realistic skins though. Not the odd metallic ones that some hybrids have already.

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Skins should be a way to make money, not boosts


There is a reason that a certain F2P game made over a billion dollars USD and it’s not p2w


Lol I would love crossovers, such as a Grimlock Skin for T Rex.

:t_rex:: Me Grimlock Need To Be In Dino Game


Yes please! Skin for Kapro please!

If you change the skin of a dinosaur, would it change its gender? :thinking: probably doesn’t matter

Or cosmetic features like tail spikes or horns.

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Yes! It would be amazing if they could switch to monetizing something that doesn’t affect gameplay.

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Yes, please!

I have wanted this since the game came out. Since Diorajasaur looks so much like Zilla, maybe we could get some blue glowing plates. A blue Deinonychus would make me happy, too.

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Maybe a Zilla skin for me or a void version for me?

For me have maximum LV skin
Like LV 40 indominus rex in JWTG
But JWA is max at 30

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Maybe for hybrids but I’d rather real prehistoric creatures looked authentic.

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They could both sell skins and pigments + give some for tournaments or strikes or whatever.

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Are we talking little hats you can put on your dinosaur or skinning a different dinosaur so you can change the color of your dinosaur

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Changing the dinosaurs skin colour and pattern.


this would be dope I’d love to see this

All are genetic modification anyway.

Each creature should have their jurassic world the game counterpart for a skin and its movie skins too, maybe a new one for those not in movies.

I’m the same. I would prefer to keep non hybrid dinos looking more like their prehistoric selves. The skin tone variations from Jurassic World evolution are perfect in that aspect.

As for hyrbids, larger spikes/ horns/ claws would suffice for me. Or even “battle scar” type things.