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Buying fips

When buying extra fips I no longer acummilate my daily fips when spinning this means that I have lost quite a few fips I would have gotten normally. I will jot be purchasing them again.

How are you buying FIPS? I’m not seeing any for sale in the store.

The past weekend there were fips available.
The usual 1.99 pack is easy to use without losing the opportunity to get your usual free ones, but the only ones available were a 4.99 pack or a 19.99 pack which would have meant missing out on the free ones.
Unless of course, your alliance shares with others and you get the chance to fip over and over in a level 20 sanctuary full of mammoth and Diplo …
Check out ARK if you want to know more about that.

Thanks. I thought they meant as buying separate like boosts.