Buying locked dinosaurs

So I just bought a locked dinosaur hoping it would unlock it permanently. But did it no I just payed 15$ for a common dinosaur. If you buy one of these it should unlock the dinosaur for you. Please fix this so people can actually unlock all of the dinosaurs.

Unfortunately that’s not the way the game is set up. The way to get everything unlocked is to have patience. Build your stable of creatures. Participate in every unlock opportunity you can. Do the weekly unlocks. Once you can participate in Clash of Titans, do so. Get a lineup powerful enough and deep enough to finish in Dominator League in the tournaments. Other than the weekly unlocks, none of this happens overnight, unless you’re willing to spend serious real-world cash. Even the weekly unlocks require patience, because even though you need to level up your creatures for the tournaments, you must maintain balance for the weekly PVE

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I get that trust me I’m level 53 but if someone like me wants to pay a chunk of money to unlock a dinosaur immediately so I could get ahead I should be able to do that. Not everyone has all day to play the game that much people have lives and jobs they shouldn’t be expected to constantly play

Only packs or events that have these :unlock: open on them will actually unlock a creature in the market. Otherwise it is a onetime pack for the creature, see the below picture for an example:


Ohhhh ok that helps a little I didn’t know that’s what those ment thank you for pointing that out

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No worries, it took a long time to figure that out for myself as it is not advertised anywhere.

The weekly unlock events are even harder to see as they are a light white lock.

I am only level 43. Is it safe to say that if I have done every event I couldn’t have missed an unlock opportunity ? I know about the dominator leagues (now), but am I missing something else ? Thanks

If you did not miss any event that was available for you at your current level you can be pretty sure that you have unlocked everything that is possible for you at the moment.
And if not, don’t be desperate. Every unlock opportunity will come back eventually. You just have to be patient, the most important talent for success in this game.