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Buying pack with db

Does anyone think that this pack is worth it?
It’d definitely be worth it if it did not have 32% for megistotherium .
I’m considering buying this pack , I’d like to know how many would buy it.


no it is not worth it

I bought due to still needing more line up dinosaurs.
I received a kelenken which i am very glad with as I have only three ceno creatures at this moment.
DB is gathered quick as well, bought more packs as well but only when. Guaranteed legendary or only 1 super rare Dino.
If you are farther ahead and have a bigger line-up it is most likely not worth it.


Kelenken is definitely worth it.

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It is generally not worth it. But each player has their own needs.

If you had more DB, I’d say go for it. But, rare offers of packs for DBs like the century pack would be more worth it and typically around 16000DB.

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Where do u find this pack?

Do what you want, decent odds at some decent rewards and sometimes it’s just fun to buy a pack and play the loto.

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Click that

It should take you to it or click on that icon on top left.
Scroll to right side till end. Packs are available to purchase with db with different cost for vip , fidelity members and rest.

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not worth it. the prizes are bad

A lot of prices are bad especially for high levels but for lower levels some packs are great!
When you are vip the prices are great.
I have only had 1 pack which contained a super rare dinosaur but I still use that fish.

I think the pack is worth it and not at the same time. The chances of getting an actual good creature like Kelenken are low.

Bruh I watch your videos on youtube, they are really good.

Whats his channel? Id like to watch it

It is the Thegamingraptor or something. He has the same pfp as in the forum

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I’m pretty sure that’s the channel: The GamingRaptor - YouTube

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ten charschters

Thanks for the clarification