Buying pass level

Was that intentional?

Quick! Before they see!

Wait how are you level 18?

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you’ve always been able to buy your way through levels with HC

Yes, but 6? For me it’s 600!

lol ngl that looks photoshopped

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It was not

Dang, Lucky you!

This is visually glitched. I lost over $1,110 HC skipping levels for a few bucks.

This is before. At $1,229 HC

This is after. At $59 HC

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Oh dear.

They’ve gone insane again.


I sent in a ticket. Hopefully can get my HC back.

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I would be ticked if this happened to me! 1000 hc down the drain! Ugh!

Yep! It’s only a visual glitch. Mine said 1 Dino dollar to advance, but charged more! Over 1000 Dino dollars down the drain for me too. I’ve contacted support, let’s hope they will reimburse it.

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Ooh. Pain bro.

Should report this as a bug so @Ned and @Breona are aware

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if you just play the game and don’t buy anything you can upgrade to max level. many people were finished with the pass for over a week or 2 just wasting data collected. If you saved your Monthly & Weekly missions you can get to almost 19 for free.

Happened to a guy in our alliance.
He’s submitting a ticket

Hey all, It was a visual bug! It has been fixed by the team and a restart of the game should resolve the issue.

Thank you!

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