Bye all

That’s me done with the game sadly.

I had sent multiple screen grabs to support showing that my team (level 20-23 with 1 lvl 24) had consistently been getting matched up with lvl 27 - 30 tyrants. After I checked my recent opponents I realised they all had teams with 2 or 3 level 17 - 20 dinos in there to lower their average power.

Sent over 10 examples with screens and everything support asked for. This went on for 2 weeks then they got back with “its because your trophy count and average power is the same as theirs”. Yep, they sure are… Which is the point I was making… Well done support. Stellar investigation that would put Sherlock to shame.

Anyways, Im out. I can’t deal with that level of stupidly from a company I paid hard cash to so uninstalled and will never touch anything from Ludia again. Horrendous company.


What trophy count are you at because teams of 27 to 30 dinos should be over 5k easily and if you’re over 5k it no longer looks at levels making it pointless to add a low level. The reason you get no resolution from Ludia is because they can’t police droppers or people playing out of their depth, you need to lose until you are where you belong, sucks for you but its true


My count is bouncing between 4700 and 4900 consistently. Has been for about a month, cant progress due to the matchmaking imbalance.

All good though, uninstalled now and I will be glad to not have to deal with Ludia anymore in all honesty. :grin:

This way to match players is madness, and I said this from the start.

You can’t have players with high level tyrants having a few low level rares or epics to bring it down.

This is how to lose players .

My son has been in the 4700 to 4900 for about six months now because of this. So frustrating.

I’m at the same trophy range, with level 20-22 creatures and I also face level 26-30 boosted monsters, and lots of teams from Library. Which creatures specifically do you mean when you say “tyrants”?
Anyway, the matchmaking is intended to work this way. We all just accept it and move on.

Quitting/goodbye thread.