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Bye bye boosted monsters!

Enjoy the halcyon days of 7/7/7 or even 8/8/8 over boosted monsters. They will be over soon. What will the fallout be? I for one am excited to see. Who will survive once you have to -

  1. Think about how you’re boosting.
  2. Think about how you’re battling.
  3. Actually build a team, not just OP thor, magna, tryko, and erlidom.

No more boost to the moon and chomp chomp chomp.

I’m excited about this game more than I have been in quite some time. I hope it’s not a let-down!


Although I love your thoughts I’m just wondering… as apparently some people are convinced you can only progress by overboosting your creatures and are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on them… what makes you think they won’t or can’t do it again after 1.10?


I’m just happy that the rat menace will be gone.


Because the way 2.0 works. You can’t jack up all stats. There has to be some give somewhere.

Sure, say thor may have stat 20 attack, but it’s going to be slow and low HP.


Okay, but they also stated that the Boosts for sale are here to stay. If there’s no benefit in buying them they wouldn’t keep it up. I’m afraid there will be a catch to all this. Although I sincerely hope you’re right.


I’m excited too. I like the dynamic of individual builds for dinos.

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Still with overboosting few creatures like Thor in one stat will work same as now. Those players with overboosted monsters will easily crush players that have same lvl creatures like rest of their team, without overboosted ones.

Will enjoy playing without boosts some time. Though I don’t see anything good in new system. With messy matchmaking this system is likely to fail like current one. Again people will buy boost in hope to catch those that keep crushing then. After some time things will settle down, boost sales will decline and new boosts reset will be announced.

Only good think that I can see it, is variety in creatures used. People will more likely play creatures easier to lvl up and boost them.

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Does no one understand how the new system works?


Yes. Literally no one knows how it works. They never said at level 30 you are only limited to only 30 boosts. Everyone is just assuming it. Knowing ludia they might want more money and only limit them below max level.


Umm… do you mean this huge section in the Boost 2.0 announcement?


All we have are assumptions. Still in case these are right, tanks and chompers won’t need speed to dominate the arena.

Speedsters need all stats boosted to be viable. Even if you leave out speed, they still need hp boosted more to survive chompers hits, which in new system means giving up some damage. There you have danger that they won’t be able to take out chompers.
So if we assume that we have available boosts depending on creature lvl, that means that Thors will be more boosted than Magnas, cause Thor is easier to lvl up. Thor also has higher base hp, so will need less boosts for hp than Magna.

EDIT: Tier 15 in new system will still be 0.5% less boosted than tier 6 in current system.

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Since it is becoming apparent no one saw or remembers this announcement -


This is why the buff and debuff creatures to force you to change to new creatures so you have to move your boost from one to another at the cost of losing 50%. hence they reason to get people to keep buying boost , dddaaaaaah !!! , when you get all your boost set they will have new creatures that kick butt or rebuff the older ones just to get you to move them boost

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We will just have to wait and see when they give us actual numbers.

They have said one thing on the forums and what’s in the game is different many times.

I only have one dino right now that has an equivalent to more than 30 boosts so I could get my team all back to the way they are unless the cost of boosts per tier is high.

We don’t know how many boosts one tier costs per stat.

There is a part of me that hopes each stat per tier costs 100 boosts because that will bankrupt anyone thinking they are going to put it all into DC. They won’t have much of anything left for anything else.


Boosts 2.0 is great for top players with all maxed teams, as will solve speed ties and make battles more interesting due to mind games.

Though 90% of players has unequal teams. Limiting boosts based on creature levels will bring new walls for new, lower, middle, higher level players. They will be stuck for months and forum will be flooded with cryings for nerfs and boosts changes.

I agree that this game should be based on grinding and slow and steady progress. Though I fear that new limits will make arena bigger mess with more impossible matches where those with lower team won’t have any chances against higher lvl team even if there will be only lvl or two difference. Hope I’m wrong. We will see it soon.


One thing for sure.

They woulden’t make this update if they diden’t see more spending coming.

Sorry to say.
This will be a new way to take from the poor and give to…


Right now, 5000 trophy’s seems to be the point where teams that average 23-24 are met by teams of 27-30’s. They may need to adjust the trophy win/loss ratio differently above Avery in the next up 3 arenas to spread the level 25-26’s, 27-28’s, 29-30’s better.

Avery for example is still an average 30/30 win loose. I think it jumps to 10/40 at the 5000 point??? (someone can correct me) So a large number of players are crammed right at around the 5000 trophy point affecting players down to 4800.