Bye bye ludia


I say bye bye to this game, the bots of battle are irritable, and the price of loots are really illegal ( 50 Euros for 4 stupids cards?? Really??? ) it’s a grear pay to win, like all ludia games…

Thats really incredible… when this game change the politicy of Pay to win and have a good battle system i return


So don’t buy? The bots will be encountered less as people start leveling. Really, this isn’t pay to win unless you think being on the leaderboards is important for some reason


It may not be literally pay to win… but it kind of is. The people who spend the most are the ones who win the most. The better ones. I myself have spent like 20$ so far. And I’m level with about a week and a half of playing… I’m VIP though I think Ludia is pretty much trying to fill its pockets at the most obvious way… what a shame

-Echo #Echoed


The people will level up the arenas when the rewards are appropriate. Ones I levels up to 176 rank, but I’m so sick of this useless baryonix gen2 from 7th arena I got from every incubator, that I went down to the 5th arena to get better rewards. And many other players did the same.

It’s so stupid to make more useful rewards for lower tier arenas and it’s so easy to fix it. But Ludia doesn’t care about it at all. I doubt if they read this forum. So many complaining people and absolutely no reaction at all.


There’s no point in paying to win.

You just end up battling more bots


Haha iv not played a bot for about 4 weeks there is a way to not play bots