Bye, Ludia

Since this game was launched, I have spent money, time, and effort to this game.

However, now, I am feeling this is a gambling game.
There is no strategy.
If I am lucky like a gambling winner, always, my dinos were cloaked or stunned the opponent dinos.

If not lucky, always, not cloaked or not stunned…

What is the percentage?

50 % means that one time cloak and one time not worked…but sometimes 100 % worked…sometimes 0%.

You means that 100 % +0% = 50 % ?

And, 5% critical means that 19 times failed but only one time should be critically damaged.
But, not.

I can’t trust the battle and can’t make a strategy.
All victories are depending on only LUCK.

I don’t want to spend any more money, time, effort for this gambling game.

Until now, I have enjoyed all of your games but not any more…( you might see my picture in Jurrasic world the game.)

Hopefully, Ludia can make fairer and more reliable game not a gambling game.

Thank you.




You are among many to migrate away from the game. I am on the very edge too. This whole no update or fixes of bugs since launch is driving me bonkers. Hope you find a game that has more dev support


I am there too. No updates or information. Revolving the same Dino events. Higher levels are so monotonous it’s boring


kind of what happened to TMNT Legends which is another game they made. One day everything just stopped. And It hasn’t been updated in nearly a year. No word from the devs saying they pulled the plug, etc. Wonder if this is the same thing? Maybe just a quick cash grab centered around fallen kingdom?


Honestly wouldn’t surprise me.

there is a small update coming that has 2 new dinosaurs with it. not sure what else is in the update.


what is your source for this?


I’m surprised the cheerleaders haven’t arrived, extolling the virtues and crying foul of anyone that dare express opinion that the game has some serious flaws, and is nothing more than a money grab.


My pom-poms are in the wash …


well one thing i learned from the way tmnt legends went is they dont have enough respect for the people that played their game, spent money and supported it for as long as it was around, to even tell us if they are going to can it. if that is what’s happening

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Noooo. I like this game too much…I swear when this game dies Im done with mobile gaming.

Same thing happened with too many mobile games and gaming companies.


Think of the poor sobs who spent THOUSANDS of real money on this game…lol.


This has some interesting material:

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you’d also think if it was struggling, they’d try to take advantage of a huge world wide holiday and do something besides just put pumpkins on the usual in-game content :confused:

it actually has moved up the google play top grossing list. used to be in the 140s. now 120s. still behind some pretty embarrassing games though with 1/5 of the player base.

Its on
Scolosaurus and Pachycephalosaurus

nice. i see. im actually looking forward more to the guilds. if they are like clans in clash royale they would be awesome and probably help the game immensely,


Weird how the CEO of this company has his Twitter account set as private almost like he doesn’t want to hear from his customers

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It clearly stated that the time for the patch is unknown. Might as well coming with 1.5.

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i havent looked at the article since it was posted. i dont even remember what all is in the patch. i just remember new dinsoaurs were in it. i didnt state when the update was coming.

Keep getting my messages hidden. Am I not allowed opinions on a game I’ve spent money on