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To TPTB at Ludia,

You don’t need to search far in the forums to find sentiment that the arena is at best a chore for many of us and more accurately, the bane of our entire gaming experience for more of us. Many of us feel it a chore to acheive the Daily Battle Incubator to satisfy our Alliance Missions. So rather than radically overhaul the entire gaming experience, I have another idea. What if you were to allow Raids and Tournaments to count towards the DBI? And you wouldn’t have to even count Minions. I would rather do ten raids than step into a single battle in the arena, and this is no hyperbole. Please give us the freedom to choose the gaming experience we would like to make for ourselves. Please!

-A very jaded player.

What do you think community, do you agree?

  • Yes, Count Both
  • No, Only Count The Arena
  • Only Tournaments
  • Only Raids

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I 100% agree, that way, the raids are more worth doing.

There, changed it to a poll.

Great idea. Definitely agreed.

I agree too. I think it would be easier to calculate “tournament only” towards it, but I would take raids too if they could do it. I personally don’t think the arena is that bad (yet), but at least tournaments should count towards your DBI.

If this gets past 20 people voting, maybe I’ll tag a mod.

@Ned, it looks like there’s enough consensus in this suggestion that it may be worth bringing up to the developers. I know that 20 people does not a mandate make, but I hope it’s enough to satisfy any due diligence. Thanks.

I’ve passed it to our team. Thanks, Acerglyn. :smiley:

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