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C’mon Ludia... Happy Median

A couple weeks ago, JWA barely made any green supply drops available. I could’ve drove 30 miles and only encountered, if lucky, only 3 or 4 green towers.

Then last week, I saw a lot of complaints about there being too many.

This week, back to the same scarcity. On Monday this week, I have a total of 53 towers in eye sight. How many green? FOUR! Guess how many of those green were in my range? ZERO and I have 8 in my range.

Not everyone lives in or around a park or golf course where there are plentiful green towers… plus some of us are still working from home because some employers haven’t returned to work yet.

Not only that, I feel like we’re back to the same scarcity of raid bosses. I don’t have a single one in my 8 tower range today. I noticed JWA likes to pair raid bosses close to each other. How about spreading them out for better coverage?!


Yep, I noticed the boss spawn is really bad again, I just got 1 total in range in the last 3 days
And one green spot for commons ?

they should stick to one average ratio and keep it, i liked there being a lot tho.

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