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Prob gifted by ludia, that’s why

Because they’re unbelievably strong and passionate players that grind like no other. Work hard play hard.


I’ve seen one group of Dodos, that`s it

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Yes it is possible to get it absolutely, you have to work your nuts off and no sleep though.

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This is simply impossible to achieve. What a shame. Ludia really want us to quit.

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You’re simply not hunting under scent that’s why. We’re talking about someone that doesn’t need to hunt stuff except the new introduced creatures and when he hunts it’s under scents.

Reaching level 28 on this hybrid is about 20k not 25k and this is with very average fuses. With Compso, it’s easy to average 300 per encounter so simply do the maths. That makes around 67 encounters without using fips. As you probably encounter 1/scent on average that makes 22hours of hunting. Yes, some hunt at this rate when new stuff comes out but there are very few.


Let me enlighten you…

They used tons of epic scents that was bought with hard-earned money. Oh, forgot to add… sacrificed sleep too.

There… mystery solved! :smile:


This game is a joke. In 48 hours a player has a new unique in level 28. It’s impossible don’t try to justify it.


Haha and they say apexes are easy to get lol

It’s not a joke… it’s a business…

If not how do you think the company keeps the game afloat…

If you take issue with this, which by the way, has been happening since the beginning, then maybe you are new to this.

This is considered trivial compared to the other atrocities that are happening in the game such as “joystick players” and “exploiters who have Apex dinos beyond what is legitimately possible”

Welcome to Jurassic World…


A difference in beeing passionate, and hunt 20 hours a day with loads of scents. Its possible cause it has been done. Applaude the people that manage to do this. Instead of beeing envious


Let’s just say there’s different levels of dedication


I think people fail to understand how dedicated some of these people are to hunting in this game. The run scents and hunt ALL DAY after an update. Of the creature is wild, they will have it leveled. Often giving up sleep to do so. It’s not new and if you actually knew the people that have it (as many of the people that have already commented and myself do) you wouldn’t by surprised. If anything, they are slacking by not having it at 30 by now :rofl:. But it all honesty they are extremely hard working and dedicated players and just because you can’t fathom actually playing that much doesn’t mean it’s not possible.


You can run 1000 scents that the posibility to get an specific dino is not high. Maybe some players are very lucky or Ludia give them DNA…

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I am confused

The rate of the new epics spawning varies with each epic scent. But on average, you may get 1 or if you are very lucky, 2-3.

So if you do the math, you will need to use many… the right question is “how much money do you want to spend?”

Why the subject was changed and the pic was removed? Censorship?

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You could ask to idgt if you curious, he is in here. If you brave enough say that in front of idgt not behind him. That would make everything is clear he isnt cheater the real cheater is the people who gets apex dna 2 Times / day.

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