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CAFKutious strike

While most of the forum keeps going on and on about perfectly balanced DC, let’s discuss actual problem. Cautious strike. According to gamepress Indo2 is one of the most powerfull dino’s in battle sim. Why is that? The answer is simple - even if you go afk with this dino - he can outbasic 95% dinos in the game. Bleeders can’t kill him - Cautious strike cleanses. Chompers can’t kill him - Cautious strike takes away 50% of dmg 100% of the time and it doesn’t even stop there. Rest of 50% dmg is reduced by 66% 3 times out of 4. Just use faster creature you can say. Cautious strike also increases indos speed. So without distraction immunity and null-strikes at the same time your dino is a dead meat just to his basic.

Btw, even lord DC can’t take him out, cause you know - indo2 also has common evasive stanse, so dealing 800 dmg to him is like a pinprick.

Do you think it will be nerfed? Or it’s time to boost Indo2 to the sky, pick it in arena battle and just go make some tea, waiting for that +30 trophies


I agree. Cs should only speed up for 2 turns and distract for 1 turn. And Indo G2 should get a hp nerf to 3750. That way, it’s still powerful, but not broken. This also prevents ludia from giving it a monomeme style nerf, making it irrelevant

Wait, Cautious Strike evasion also received a buff to 75%? I thought it remained at 50.
Edit: Never mind.

Indo2 has one of the hardest components available in Blue. Farming Blue DNA is the hardest thing to do in the game. The other components of Indo2 are not very easy to get as well considering they are day/local/night exclusive.

Furthermore, Indo2 is endgame because its a super hybrid. The only reason its “only” a legendary is because Indo1 is already unique.

So, why cant anything thats this hard to obtain be any good?


Well it shouldn’t take out like 95% of all Dino’s it’s supposed to be a gen 2 and gen 2 are usually except for two cases weaker than the original and what you mean blue it rare we used to bump into her so often back in the day that you should have enough to get to level 19 at least

People have been asking for monomeme style nerfs, so to satisfy them I gave it a decent but not super terrible nerf. Although now that I look at it, the hp nerf might be a tad bit too much

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Just make it no cleanse and dodge for one turn and just distraction no speed either then it make sense since it’s a hybrid of a raptor

In the many events that Blue was featured, going for it when you had the option to dart a flipping T-Rex was pretty much non-existent unless you wanted to use blue

There’s only 1 nerf I’d give to that strike. No more speed up.
Because IndoG2 already has Mutual Fury, which speeds it up if it wants to be faster.
Cautious already cleanses, dodges, distracts, so having speed up on both moves means this critter has pretty much nothing to think about while it uses the main attack. It can then just use the definite rampage and ignore cloak and dodge and shields. I guess this one was meant specifically so Ardentismaxima can be absolutely needed on a team.

Um you forgot the mutual fury cleans right?

Lol and while true looking back seems I made the right choice :joy:

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Well mf also cleanses, and evasive stance dodges

There is no “rule” that says that Gen2 should be inferior to Gen1. So that argument makes no sense.

Also saying that we’ve had a ton of Blue events does not make sense because every dino in this game has been covered by weekly events. If you play the game daily, the only way to get Blue DNA is through sanctuaries (same counts for Diplo). Thats “hard to get” to say the least.

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Lol true if they wanna keep the dodge in that’s fine but like you either take out evasive stance or take out dodge from CS you can’t have both

While that maybe be true that there is no rule it just makes no sense that a less rarer version of a unique that we spent now two years grind for is better and is a legendary and I’m no saying legendarys should suck they should be great but not as good as uniques

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And while sure it’s components are harder to get they also cost less to make them regular indo since with indo not only do u have to use regular rex dna but then use velociraptor dna to fuse for indom then gain enough to fuse indo but then you have to once again save 1k raptor dna to fuse once And it probably gonna be 10

The point was that cautious strike does too many things for 1 move.
MF increases attack, speed, and cleanses. Does no damage. It also has one huge drawback: using it against a slower opponent, or one that has waaay higher speed that you can’t reach will result in getting hit with a strong attack just for using this.
Evasive stance does only 1 thing. Dodges. Deals 0 damage.
CS deals damage, distracts, dodges, speeds up, AND cleanses.

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It has drawbacks such as dealing 0 damage and being a bad idea to use against a slower opponent or one that you cannot reach the speed of.

Lol that true but what we’re saying is that if you only take away speed it still doesn’t make a difference it dodges basically everything

Well, to use your own arguments… Velo and Trex have been covered a lot with the weekly events. Probably even 2 or 3 times more than Blue. Take the number of attempts for each week event on those dinos in mind as well and its very easy to gather lots of dna. Furthermore you can find them in the wild every day of the week. So I dont consider those ingredients harder to get then Blue. And lastly, to level up a legendary from lets say lvl 25 to 26 compared to a unique, the legendary also needs more DNA and thus more fuses.