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CAFKutious strike

Fury is quite risky and can easily messed up with priority moves. Let’s don’t have some hastily steps in nerfing dinos. We have one bad example at least :expressionless:

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Well if it lost cleansing mutual I think it be good maybe

Like if it loses speed up and cleanse on cautious the speed up on fury then it be perfect

I don’t understand what you mean here. Lose speed up and cleanse on cautious and then lose speed up on mutual fury?

I mean it lose speed increase and cleansing on cautious strike keeps distracting and dodge. And the loses then perfect speed up when use mutual fury then there it’s perfect

Then it’s balanced and nerfed but also still relevant in the meta

Sorry, the last part wasn’t very clear for me :sweat_smile: are you suggesting a change for mutual fury or for it to stay as is?

A change the only change being it doesn’t speed up the creature

Other words it lose 10%speed increase

I see now. But there’s no point to It If It doesn’t speed up the creature. Think about it. If It doesn’t speed up it’s once again a free powered hit for a faster opponent. It literally needs the speed up and cleanse. Mutual fury is perfectly balanced and should stay as It is. A change that isn’t functional shouldn’t be made.

But it cleanses and increases attack on a creature who doesn’t need since it 128 speed it

Indo gen2 is not the only one with this ability. Entelodon and Indom gen2 would be horrible without the speed up from mutual fury. Besides, the use of mutual fury on indo gen2 will be situational, for exemple, countering procerathomimus. Just the nerf on cautious strike allows other dinos a more equal chance on defeating indo gen2. Then It is balanced.

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What you mean enteldon is already horrible and indom gen 2 is already Better than the original and so taking speed up literally wouldn’t change a thing

It would change a LOT. And anyway such a nerf on mutual fury would be harsh and take away all the functionality from It. So I can’t agree with It.

Indoms are slow power house which can take a hit and kill almost anything the fact that this one can go to 119 speed on a equal or after opponents and just shrug it off and then kill it and shire you can nullify if you fast but tanky nullifiers are basically dead (rip) monostego even then it be slower then indom. And now that this and apply it to albino indo that fact it has counter and in one move completely negates every single on is just dumb. Magna, phorasaura, stego god, pro, carno and even rat are thrown out the window and the fact it keeps the speed for to turn means even if you get a nullification creature in it can just almost one show you with a basic attack if you don’t have armor or shields or are immune or fast or can speed up see the problem

It’s basically ready to crush without the consequence of anything and everything in this game has a consequence. You go shielding you lose a turn maybe a bit of damage but you’ve gain so defense you go for a big chomper move that great but now the opponent has an opportunity now that you used ur greatest hit, wanna hit an counter attacker you have to be wise other wise you’ll end up getting hit a lot. Gonna use a speedster make sure it can do some damage be fore it dies. Yet white boi here falls with the rat :rat: gonna use a speedster well you better um oh your immune to stuns distractions can cleanse when ever and can distract and dodge at the same time as well and you can increase your attack and speed even if you get hit , well guess you win