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Calculating dino sp

does anyone have a chart or formula that shows how boosts, rarity and level affect dinos sp in sancs? maybe you have something @DinoL3o ?


I believe it’s talked about in the big thread. Towards the end for the boost and stuff but maybe the first post was updated. I recall reading about the sp and boost part.

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Hey @Pateradactyl thanks for the tag. To answer your questions: yes/yes/yes/yes lol

To save you the headache let me generalize it because you have to be part of a certain alliance to get certain goods lol

Across the board, at level 15 the differences in SP patterns are 2, rarity difference is 1
At 20, SP patterns show 2-3 difference, rarity differences increases to 2
At 30, SP pattern shows 3-4 difference, rarity differences is 2-3
Leveling up has the same effect as the SP pattern so leveling from 15-20 generally increases 2-3 SP per level where after 20 you can see it go up 3-4.

See the pattern I’m describing here:
This is the effect of boost on SP (due to rounding and use of base SP before rounding Tier1 may be 0-1 increase at times but otherwise if you want to read more go to the link below)

Link: FAQ: Sanctuaries Points, DNA, Sharing Strategy Info