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Calculating stats

Does anyone know what to use to calculate ferocity, type stat advantage, and the damage multiplier with attack points?

Ferocity = Health + 3.2 X Attack

Didn’t understand this one well, but just in case, class advantage gives +50% the current attack stat of a creature.

Damage multiplier:
1 = X1
2 = X2.4
3 = X4.2
4 = X6.4
5 = X9
6 = X12
7 = 15.4
8 = X20
You can also check @Mary_Jo spreadsheet for a quick math with the multipliers

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Or if you feel really lazy like I sometimes do, I put up this site on split screen and try to find which is the weakest creature I can get away with using, especially in Monday unlock battles when I we have to go against type disadvantage.

images - 2021-04-02T213559.952