[Calendar] Apr 06 - Apr 12, 2020

:crossed_swords: Hello Adventurers :crossed_swords:

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@Keith Your Wednesday and Friday events are already running. Going to be kind of hard to fit both of those in alongside the guild rally, and then it’s going to be really boring this weekend. Intended?

@Keith. @Ned. FYI. There seems to be an issue with the schedule. Many future events have started early and are running concurrent with today’s events. I suggest extending the duration of the misscheduled events to provide players an opportunity to compete.

Hello adventurers,
I have spoken to the team. They extended the VIP XP challenge a day earlier, making it three days instead of two. They also added an additional Heroic Adventure - Battle starting today that will last two days. It is in addition to the one planned for Friday.


Thank you for the clarification!