[Calendar] Apr 13 - Apr 19, 2020

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Hi, I was just wondering who the Silverhand weapon being offered is for. Is it a chance to get any of them (for Halbenet/Shevarith/Raika/Tommus)?

It doesn’t look like there is a new weapon for a new hero unfortunately. When I click the information icon it says it pulls from the existing 4 weapons already out there. Clarification would be great but seems like safe bet nothing new being offered.

Hi, If you complete the Silverhand Trial you will receive a random equipment from the existing Silverhand Gear.


Thanks Keith!

Why can we not choose Keith. Level 3 will require 5 of it. Acquired randomly? Seriously? ETA months… also some of them are junk which you have not addressed or adjusted despite player feedback. Then you try and sell us them for gems - make them worth having then!